View Full Version : IDPA IN TN.

February 22, 1999, 06:25 PM
Does anyone know where I can try an IDPA match in middle Tennessee? If yes then 4 questions: 1 how do I get there? 2 how much ammo to bring? 3 when are the matches held? and 4 how much does it cost?

February 22, 1999, 11:24 PM
STEVE M, IDPA just had a match on Feb. 20-21 in Memphis,TN. You can look at the results here http://www.rangemaster.com/new2/index4.htm
I've been told Rangemaster has regular IDPA meets. This isn't middle TN, but it's not that far. :)

hope this helps


March 7, 1999, 09:16 PM

Just saw your post - I don't check this section often enough!

The Middle Tennessee Shooters Club, Manchester TN shoots IDPA matches. We are an IDPA and NRA affiliated club. We hosted the 1998 TN IDPA State Championships and will host the 1999 as well. You can find contact info at www.idpa.com under "affiliated clubs".

Give one of us a call.