View Full Version : Three Gun Matches

Clay Whitehead
February 3, 1999, 12:58 AM
There are going to be some 3-gun matches done in my area this next year. Have any of you folks shot any 3-gun matches? I think I have the gear (Olympic Arms PCR-5, Remington 870 with extended mag and Glock-17) that will work, but I haven't tried this before and wonder if anyone has suggestions for tips and techniques.

This sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I'll let you know my impressions once I've shot one.

February 3, 1999, 08:46 AM
The only suggestion I'd make is to borrow a semi auto shotgun, around here the choice is either Benelli M1 or Remington 1100/1187.

February 5, 1999, 03:54 PM
I'll have to second Motorep's suggestion. An autoloader shotgun will be faster than a pump unless you really, really practice ALOT! Other things in a 3-Gun are:

Reloading the different weapons. There are some speed loaders out there for shotguns.

Additional gear such as a mag pouch for the extra AR15 that you might need.

Other than that, they are great fun. One club in my area (Detroit) shoots a 3-Gun every month, except in the winter.

It does take some time to get good at all three weapons, but it is well worth it!

February 6, 1999, 01:47 PM
I've shot several 3-gun matches. Some clubs have different stages for each gun and some clubs have you shoot all 3 guns in each stage, which is more fun in my opinion. :) I just stick my rifle mags in my hip pocket. You will want a shotgun shell belt or clip on carriers for shotgun shells. Just go and shoot the first match with what you have and see what others are using. That may give you an excuse to go buy more guns and equipment. :) Good luck. BILL