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January 28, 1999, 06:53 AM
Any of you Standard guys out there giving the Open Class guys a run for their money?

I know I sure try to ! :)
" The Gun From Down Under "

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The Scandinavian
January 29, 1999, 05:24 AM
Well it would be nice to have the opportunity to try! The regulars at my club all shoot in Limited/Standard or whatever...
Good Luck!
<font color=red>T.S.</font>
PS. It's too cold at the moment to shoot here. We've been having -25C, and up North they've had -50½C.

January 29, 1999, 08:04 AM
Heh remember mr.V ?
U really don't want to know how fast he was with His open class Tanfoglio Gold Team.
He and Pasi used to shoot open before U joined the club.
If a man can do .5X draws and .16 splits with P14.45 He can afford the slowered draw and longer target to target splits with scoped gun and beat us hands down. Trust me on this one ;)
We could try with open guns against him with stock and I'm somewhat afraid that we'd loose anyhow :)

Heh new record yesterday -51.5C (~ -61F)

Gattling = ;)

January 29, 1999, 08:06 AM
Brrrrrr...... Aus is running at 30+ degs & enough sweat to top up a swimming pool !. Glad I got a set of Hogue grips on my Para, hate it when a semi-auto behaves like a COLT SAA ! ;)

"The Gun from Down Under !"

The Scandinavian
January 31, 1999, 04:49 AM
Gattling, HS: did I really say it would be nice to have an opportunity to try?! What I really meant to say was... er... um... er..."Isn't the weather nice for this time of year - in Australia"... yes, I'm sure that was it...

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February 5, 1999, 04:02 PM
There is this guy in USPSA Limited division who shoots a single stack 1911 in .45 that can reload that gun much faster than I can get a mag back into my widebody racegun! If he is having his average day, he usually kicks my butt on most stages! I'm in "A" class Open but this goes to show that it's not the equipment, it's about ability. We kid him constantly about how much money he's got invested in his .45, especially when he reblued it himself in his oven! He goes along with it in a good natured way. He even wrote a letter to "Front Sight" magazine (from USPSA) indicating that the most important accessory that a shooter could buy is BULLETS. And then go out and shoot those BULLETS. Too Funny.