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Clay Whitehead
November 9, 1998, 11:30 PM
Who is shooting a revolver in competition? What type of match are you using it in? What brand and model of revolver are you using and what kind of carry gear?

Tony N
November 11, 1998, 10:19 PM
I think I saw one of those in movie once.
Tombstone or something like that.
(chuckle chuckle)
What's up Clay, you thinking of useing a wheelgun next year?
Tell you what, if you do, I will too.
That'd give me an excuse to buy that S&W 627 or at least a M66.
I heard there's a guy down in Centralia that knows how to slick 'em up real nice.

Clay Whitehead
November 12, 1998, 01:03 AM
C'mon Tony. You know that IDPA cof's are supposed to be revolver neutral. It says so in the rules and used to say so all over that goofy list (which I don't get anymore).

I usually carry a revolver (S&W M-10) in the woods so I can vary the load. Since it's more likely I'd have to shoot at "two legged snakes" than grouse, it would be nice to gain some proficiency with it by shooting matches.

The only thing that stopped me last year was the lack of an IDPA approved holster. I was too cheap to buy one when I could use the money for components and match fees. This winter I'll pick up a Dillon and work on speedloader technique.

The big problem may be IDPA cof's at the FAS range. I think we'll see more tactical matches with Reactive Teds. Let's see, if I had about 25 speedloaders in my pocket...


November 12, 1998, 05:28 PM
When I was shooting NRA Action pistol I used a GP100. The course of fire was suppose to be revolver neutral but the events you had to speedload definitely put me at a disadvantage.

I recently took up IDPA and use a compact S&W6944 for it. My GP100 has a 6 inch barrel so it isn't legal. That's OK as I'm being to like the auto loader.

November 16, 1998, 03:19 PM
Please don't think I'm nuts, but I was at a range a couple of weeks ago and saw a guy shoot a eight shot .357 (S&W i belive) looked
like a 686? belive he said it was for bowling pins/falling plates, had a compensator and it did shoot quite well...

Tony N
November 16, 1998, 10:22 PM
That's the 627 I was talking about a couple posts back.
Sure would like one, but can't really justify it. :-(

November 18, 1998, 09:00 PM
In 1997 I shot a S&W model 15 in IDPA at several local matches and also at the nationals. It was a lot of fun. You are competing only against other revolvers so it is a level playing field. I used a Safariland 5181 paddle holster because that was all I could find, but I decided I liked it. This year I felt the need for speed and shot a .45 auto. Next year it will be a Glock or my S&W .45 revolver. Bill

Dale Rabideau
November 22, 1998, 07:04 PM
I shoot IDPA with a S&W m65 3 inch. Speedloading is critical for a good time. Unfortunately, many of the stages at the club I shoot are 18 rounders. I have been shooting a lot of UMC .357mag 125gr. I just tried some Winchester Super X .38spl 158gr JSP +P at the range and my accuracy was much improved at the 50-75 foot distance (max on indoor range).

I wish I was near FAS. I am very interested in the tactical matches.

Clay Whitehead
November 23, 1998, 12:53 AM
I've read your posts on the IDPA list and it sounds like you have the revolver bit down well for the IDPA discipline. You could have had first place in the revolver class at the Washington State match. Of course a guy with a broken Rossi M68 with three rounds total could also have had first place revovler if he'd shown up and paid his match fee. Nobobdy showed up that shot revover. Tony and I were both comiserating about it and wishing we had revolvers that day.

By the way, the Washington State IDPA Match was straight out of the COF book and run according to strict IDPA rules. The next day, the state tactical match had the reactive Teds and was run by Marty and Dane's tactical rules. It was a whole different match!!!!

Dale Rabideau
November 23, 1998, 12:47 PM
I think I have won one match so far in IDPA, and that was the IL State match as a novice. I'm marksman now, but need to do more dry fire presentation, reloading, and trigger control before I will be able to move to SS. I don't care to much about winning. I look more for number of points down, number of shots missed, and shooting the stage as tactically as I know how.

Maybe if Marty has some training classes around the tactical match, I may be able to convince my wife on taking a short vacation in WA.

Clay Whitehead
November 29, 1998, 12:56 AM
Send me a post to my e-mail [email protected] and I'll let you know when Marty has the '99 schedule done. I'll get a copy to you along with as much of a match schedule as I can squeeze out of him. Come on out and we can shoot wheelguns or Glocks together.