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November 11, 1998, 01:52 AM
Hi guys. I've been into firearms since I was a kid, but I have never done anything competitively,except for being on a rifle team when I was in high school. I would like to get into pistol competition now and would like to know where some of you started out. What would be a good category for an experienced, competent pistol marksman who knows nothing about competition shooting? I have a Glock model 35 and a T97 Witness I'll be using. I can tune these guns up if it is recommended. I don't carry either of them. If any of you are from Phoenix and can give me area-specific advice, that would really help too. [email protected]

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Matt K
November 11, 1998, 02:30 AM
I got started in IPSC through an friend after many years of high level tactical training. For either IPSC or IDPA your G35 is a great choice, especially if you have the 3.5 pound connecter. As I recall from a friend you can shoot 5 IPSC matches a week within 1/2 hour of the Phoenix area, lots of shooters there. If you want to find some clubs go to www.USPSA.org and use the club finder link, you can also go to www.IDPA.com and look for clubs near you in AZ. If you want more of a game and fun try IPSC if you want something more tactically oriented go for IDPA, I do both and they are both fun in different ways. Before you do any mods to your guns I suggest you shoot a few matches and see if you like it. For either you will need a good holster 2 (minimum) mag pouches and 3 (min) mags. If you find you like it I would suggest for IPSC you get (for the G35) a magwell, overtravel stop, extended base plates (taylor freelance are great and reasonably priced) and maybe different sights. A key thing to remember at your first IPSC match is not to be intimidated by the "space guns" you will see there. You dont need the $3000 guns to be competitive and its the shooter not the gun that makes the difference. If you like Glocks (like me) then the G35 is the ideal choice for USPSA Limited class. Hope this helps

Matt K

November 11, 1998, 10:19 AM
With the Glock, you could shoot some GSSF (Glock Shooting Sports Foundation) matches. They are Glock only fun matches.