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Tony N
October 10, 1998, 08:13 AM
Hello everyone and welcome to the Firing Line's "Competition Forum.
Let me tell you a little about myself..
Back in the '70's when the Col. and me inventing practical shooting...............
Just kidding. I won't try and fool you.
I'm not the most experienced shooting sport competitor on the web, but however I'm no stranger to "Shooter ready?" "Stand-by" "Beeeep!" either.
Let's have some fun and learn from each other.
Gentlemen, the forum is yours.

October 13, 1998, 07:39 AM
G'day Tony from IPSC downunder. Run a Para-Ordnance P-16 in standard myself. No one seems to be IPDA interested yet, would be fun as well from what I've read about it. BEEP is good, BEeurp is not ! Dontcha hate it when the bats go flat ! :-) Shoot fast, dbl A's all the way !...HS