View Full Version : Rom Tok convertion to 9mm Para success!

July 30, 2010, 01:57 PM
Converted my Romanian Tokarev to 9mm by getting a 9mm barrel, new bushing, and moving the barrel link and pin from my 7.62 barrel to the new 9mm barrel (several of us have been doing this lately, and I'm sure many have done this in the past). I've heard all of the "why would you want to do that when 7.62x25 surplus ammo is so cheap, fast, and accurate"?? No need to post that here. Personally, I've been wanting an inexpensive hammer fired 9mm for a while only because I have a boat load of Olympic fmj 124gr 9mm luger ammo that has rock hard primers. Can't get my striker fired gun to make good use of it. So, I didn't want to spend a lot, and this gave me a way to have what I want with what I already had. Went to the range today and fired 100 rounds without a single hitch. 50 rounds of the Olympic crap, and 50 Winchester white box 115gr.. 7.62 Tok magazines fed both reliably. Sitting at the bench, two hands, no bags or props and I could keep them all in a 4" circle at 30 feet. Rapid fire, of course, spread them out a bit more but I really wanted to see if I could get it to fail to feed or eject (didn't happen). I can do a bit better with the 7.62x25 barrel, but needless to say I am pleased.

James K
July 30, 2010, 05:05 PM
"I'm sure many have done this in the past."

Yep. Like the German army, tens of thousands of them.


July 30, 2010, 09:25 PM
Ja, aber keiner von ihnen waren hier, um mir zu helfen, und ich finde keine von ihnen auf meine Hand schütteln und sagen: "Gut gemacht, mein Freund"! ;)

cougar gt-e
July 30, 2010, 09:32 PM
Good deal.

Did you take any pics / measurements of the difference in the links? Curios as to what the cause of the trouble is on yours.

July 30, 2010, 09:55 PM
Sorry didn't take any pics. The link that came with my new barrel looks like it was modified by someone trying to get it to fit their gun, didn't work, and they returned it. The top of the link (the wider end) doesn't look even on both sides and it has lots of grinder marks on it. When I finally got the slide stop pin through the hole in the link, I couldn't rack the slide. Locked up tight. I put on my old link and pin and all worked well. I chucked the crappy new link in the junk box on my reloading bench. I plan to measure the space between the holes in both links because the bad link just "looks" like it has a bigger space between the holes.

July 31, 2010, 08:04 AM
Fühle deine Hand geschüttelt.

August 1, 2010, 11:35 AM
Vielen Dank!

August 1, 2010, 08:41 PM
Thanks for the follow up.
glad that it worked out so smoothly.
How much lab time did it take?

August 2, 2010, 07:18 AM
All in all, less than an hour.

August 2, 2010, 11:38 AM
Hey, nothin' wrong with a 9mm Tok. I actually shoot my new 213 better than any other auto I own.

A heavyish hammer fired 9mm is tough to beat, especially when it fired from a 70 year old design "borrowed" from a 100 year old design;)

Amin Parker
August 21, 2010, 12:04 AM
Nothing wrong with a 9mm tok. I was a gun snob and bought one just to test reloads with. Turned out this little gun is super reliable, it is my current night stand gun and has an extended magazine that holds thirteen rounds.