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July 28, 2010, 09:01 PM
I've been using Marvelux for awhile now, and I'm not all that impressed with it.

There are several things I don't like about Marvelux.

1) It attracts moisture. If I leave a skimming spoon out in the shop overnight after a smelting session .. my spoon is full of moisture the next day. There is literally a moist area on the bench underneath my spoon.

2) It doesn't seem to want to spread out like some of the other fluxes like candlewax, etc ... It stays in one place.

If it weren't for the moisture attracting aspect of it ... I could live with it. As of now ... I'm looking for something else.

Any ideas?

July 28, 2010, 09:04 PM
I use Buck Beaver powder myself.. seems as tho it works well.

July 28, 2010, 09:06 PM
this is where i got mine the last time.


July 28, 2010, 10:57 PM

This is what I use for casting bullets. It seems to smoke and flame up less, and is effective at cleaning the metal.


I got some of this stuff also. I thought maybe it was the same stuff as marveluxe, sold by Brownells. It is! I tried it ONCE! I will use it for smelting, as I'm not too concerned with the dutch oven rusting, or the ladles. The hygroscopic nature of the clean cast and the marveluxe, can eat right through the thin steel pot on a lee.

I suspect that beaver stuff is the same stuff as the marveluxe.

July 28, 2010, 11:04 PM
Beeswax mixed with sawdust. I form sheets in a hot pan and then break off pieces.

July 28, 2010, 11:55 PM
whatever is laying around, bullet lube, parafin,candle wax etc.

July 29, 2010, 12:02 AM
^ What he said ^

July 29, 2010, 12:06 AM
Sawdust with just a *little* old motor oil mixed in.
Crisco also works pretty good, but don't use much.
If you want something that won't flame up, try soap shavings.

July 29, 2010, 06:32 PM
Paraffin wax & a DRY paint stirring stick until it is clean .

Grab a few stiks each time I go to Lowes !!!

August 5, 2010, 02:57 PM
crayons, birthday candles, sawdust, pecan shells, bullet lube...

August 5, 2010, 03:59 PM
Frankford Arsenal CleanCast Lead Fluxing Compound 1 lb. Clean, no smoke and good mix. A little goes a long way.


1) It attracts moisture. If I leave a skimming spoon out in the shop overnight after a smelting session .. my spoon is full of moisture the next day. There is literally a moist area on the bench underneath my spoon.

Now, to be fair, many will do this in it's unsused state but once you put it into your mix, and stir it up and it evaporates, it losses this property. I mostly use it in my smelting process and those cast iron pots come clean and no rust. Perhaps just a pinch in my casting pot with the same results. There may be better but it works. Back in my Buckskinner days, I only used bees wax.

Be Safe !!!

maggys drawers
August 5, 2010, 07:04 PM
pecan shells

hmmmmmm...anybody ever try using old walnut shell polishing media- the stuff you think is worn out and replaced with new ?

August 8, 2010, 05:28 AM
Canning wax and Frankfurt arsenal powder. I prefer the wax

August 8, 2010, 06:25 AM
I use a pinch of walnut media, I then light a kitchen match and drop it into the pot, very little smoke, stir with a wooden spoon. Skim with an old table spoon. It works just fine for me.

F. Guffey
August 8, 2010, 06:55 AM
I purchased lead from a scrap iron and metal place in Yonkers, NY, more times than not when I purchased 100 lbs. + it case with flux, free, no one wanted to scrap it off because it came with the plumbing that was connected to the toilet in the form of a ring, good stuff and nothing like hitting a skunk smack dead in the middle of the road because this stuff does not smell to high heaven.

F. Guffey

August 8, 2010, 09:00 AM
My neighbrohood loves me when I smelt old lead drain lines...:)

August 15, 2010, 10:55 PM
I have some stick bullet lubes I didn't like, so I use a small chunk of that to flux with. Seems to work so far.

August 19, 2010, 08:52 AM
I like hardwood sawdust,I put a couple heaping spoons fulls to the pot stir it in good and just leave it on top till the pot gets about half empty to help eliminate oxidation,when the pot is half empty I skim it off add more metal and repeat the process.

Old Grump
August 19, 2010, 04:52 PM
I have an old block of beeswax that must be over 50 years old that I am still using. Sawdust to begin with then after most of the dross is gone I switch to the wax for my final skimming. I make lots and lots of smoke and I love my ventilation fans.

Jim Watson
August 19, 2010, 05:05 PM
Like armoredman, a friend and I have some homemade bullet lube that was not entirely satisfactory. But it does ok as flux.

September 4, 2010, 08:58 PM
+1 to bullet lube (I use beeswax/canola) and sawdust.

But BEWARE of using tumbling media. Lead isn't too dangerous until it is oxidized-such as in spent primers.

So if you use tumble media for pot flux, you could expose yourself to the bad stuff pretty quickly. Just a thought.

September 4, 2010, 09:13 PM
I pry the puddled wax out of the bottom of my candle holders. Smells nice too but kinda new at this. Seems to work OK.

September 6, 2010, 05:15 AM
Old time plumbers in my part of the country, (southeast) used fat pine. It is the heartwood of long leaf pine, also the best wood stove kindling.
Stirring with a good sized splinter should work.

I understand flux is to "clean up" your melt, anyone able to tell me how it works?

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September 15, 2010, 08:00 PM
It's been some time since I made a post but I've got my hands on a Lee pot the other day. Really want to try it out ( never done it before). Just want to make some ingots right now and was looking for different ways to flux and low and behold here the right thread to get me started. Thanks for all the info guys.