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July 25, 2010, 10:01 PM
Many of you have asked how is it possible to load a round ball that is bigger
than the land dia. of a barrel with a .010 patch. Here is a video showing a
.323 ball being pushed down a .320 barrel with a .010 thick patch around it.
Tight you say, Right it is tight, but that's how we load.


July 26, 2010, 12:43 PM
kwhi - thanks for sharing the video! I've watched a number of folks load not only pistol, but their rifles as well with oversize balls (or what I'd call oversize balls) when I've sat back and watched at Friendship. I'm more of a "tradion" type guy - or maybe I'm just lazy?? :D I use a short starter when I load my rifle or smoothbore but I like the ease of having it "slide" down the barrel so to speak. Maybe that explains why I'm not as good a shot as your wife? I also have probably never taken my shooting so serious or been that competitive in regards to shooting either. I have all the respect int he world for those that do though and really enjoy seeing their "techniques" for loading, etc. That was a great video and I always enjoy your posts and hearing about your family's shooting. If I remember from some of your other posts, your daughter is a pretty good shot too . . but then she had good teachers I'm sure! :) Not to give any of their "secrets" away . . . but have you and your wife ever considered putting a video together that would "talk" the viewer through some of the techniques you all use and possibly hints on what to do to improve pistol shooting scores? I really think thaqt folks would be interested in it. I've never shot single shot BP pistol (just revolvers) but I'm planning on trying to get a couple built this winter - one fling and one percussion. I've been shooting BP over 45 years but we all can learn "new tricks"! I'm not familiar witht the pistol she uses either and would love to hear more about it - design wise, maker, approx. costs, etc. Thanks much for sharing! Sincerely, bb :)

July 26, 2010, 01:54 PM
Yes, We have talked about a video like that. The pistol the wife uses is a
Cimarron Lightning. It is about 20 years old and has been shot many
thousands of times. On it's second barrel now. First one was a .45 I think we
paid 350.00 for it back then. They are still being made, just seen and talked to the maker yesterday. Tim Brazzel. He lives around Jefferson City Mo. I think
the price is around 650.00 now. He makes a Flint also. The barrels are made
by DeHass who lives just north of me. So the gun is a product of Missouri. I
was looking at it yesterday and the distance from the striker and the nipple
is only .350 So the striker only moves less than 3/8 of a inch. And it has a
very heavy spring. That's FAST! Probably as fast as any thing out there
including modern.