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July 25, 2010, 03:25 PM
I have been loading for over a year and casting for about a year... I cast for several smaller calibers and want to start for my S&W 500 magnum... If I use straight wheel weights will they be hard enough to shoot flat base bullets or do I need ones with a gas check?? Also how does the checks stay on the base of the bullets?? If I use checks can I still just tumble lube the bullets?? I dont have a lubrisizer yet. If anyone has experience with this caliber casting... any help would be appreciated.... Also.. I like to shoot full power or +p loads... I would like to shoot this caliber as such also... Or would it be better for me to shoot only jacketed bullets given the load preference??

July 25, 2010, 04:59 PM
I'm making the Lyman boolits from straight WW for my brothers gun and have to heat treat them or he gets alota lead in the barrel. I'm thinking about buying the Lee gas checked mold for the hotter loads. The 50 cal gas checks are very pricey. $50 at Midway, $42 for Gator checks. Still cheaper and more fun then jacketed bullets.:D

If you want to shoot full power, I would go with the Lee checked mold and then heat treat the boolit. Thats what I'm going to do.

If you just want a lighter load, go with the Lyman and heat treat them, then just pan lube and you wont need a lube/sizer.

Lyman #49 manual has cast 500 loads in it.