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July 18, 2010, 06:35 PM
Not to sure about the best lube to use for the slides of a .45 HiCap Rock Island Armory pistol. It's new and I want to make sure I keep it as new as possible. It's a little stiff as it is now.

July 19, 2010, 02:16 AM
Your question got me to thinking about a 1911 I was looking at this weekend at our local gunshow. It was supposed to have been built in 1916 and it was all kinds of far from good shape. However, the rails weren't in all that bad of shape at all. Yes, I guess they do wear, but I feel they kinda need to be allowed to break in like every other area and part. I suppose that will happen no matter what you put on it for lube, oil, or grease, but I just don't think I'd get too wrapped up over it. 1911's have been going strong for a mighty long time with basic military issue type oil- and everything from motor oil to mineral oil and anything in between. As long as you have SOMETHING on there- that's the primary objective. There are tons of things on the market. Some folks swear by Mobile One synthetic motor oil, all the new specialty greases, 3 in 1 household oil, Rem Oil, you name it. Me? I like Kano Labs Microil. It stays put much better than Rem Oil. Either way, I think it's mostly all about letting it break in and keeping SOMETHING on there. It'll outlast you anyway.

July 19, 2010, 02:05 PM
I used to use Teflon dry lube on rails, it works really well and stays clean. I switched to Militec a few years ago, and it works well, too.

July 19, 2010, 03:16 PM
Agree with both the above. You want to be sure you are broken in for reliability first. A thin oil, like 3-in-1 is just fine for that. Keep reapplying it every 25 rounds or so and cleaning every 50 or as needed until break-in is done. 500 rounds of hardball is a common break-in schedule. Most feed or other failures happen in the first 200. You want to see at least that many go downrange without a hitch before you rely on the gun.

Once the break-in is done and any glitches fixed, then think about warming with a hot air gun and burnishing in Mil-Comm TW25B or you could apply Moly Fusion, or you could soak three days in Sprinco Plate+ Silver (though this will darken Parkerizing; it's also a great spring treatment). All those bring about lubrication that doesn't easily come off. Sprinco's Machine Gun Lube is one of the best general slide and function lubes and using it in addition to any of the above will give very long wear.

Hunter Customs
July 19, 2010, 06:21 PM
In the last American Handgunner World Shootoffs I competed in I shot a little over 2300 rounds in four days of some of the most extreme weather you can shoot in.
This event was held in the high desert country of Montrose Colorado, blowing dirt and grit of all types along with high heat was the norm; it definitely puts the shooter and his equipment to the test.
The tight fit custom long slide 1911 I shot in that match was never cleaned for the entire match, but it was well lubed.
The gun was lubed the same as I do all my 1911's, I used Outers graphite grease on the slide and frame rails and light machine oil on the barrel, guide rod, and stripper rail of the slide.
I never applied any new grease to the rails however I did on occassion apply another coat of light machine oil to the barrel and guide rod.
As I stated above I went through a little over 2300 rounds and the gun never bobbled one time, it ran flawlessly.
I think the first time I used Outers graphite grease on 1911 rails was around 1970, after seeing how well it worked I've used it ever since.
I have tried some different wonder lubes to see how well they work but I still have not found any I like as well as the Outers lube.
Best Regards
Bob Hunter