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July 17, 2010, 07:37 PM
I am working up loads for several .45s and liked the looks of the Hornady swaged 200gn L-C/T SWC bullet. It appears to be a swaged H&G #68. However, despite their statement that the bullets are lubricated, all I see is the powder on them (I assume powdered mica, but don't know). I was getting some barrel leading so decided to apply a liquid bullet lube and see if that would minimize barrel leading. I used Lee Liquid Alox and Rooster Liquid Jacket. LLA was applied by putting the bullets and a small squirt of LLA in a tub, swirling them around, and then removing the bullets and letting them "dry" on Al foil. Rooster Jacket was applied by placing the bullets in a funnel and pouring the Rooster Jacket over the bullets and catching the drain in another bottle, then placing the bullets on Al foil to dry.
Loading and shooting showed significantly less barrel leading with LLA. I also tried these lubricants on some National Bullet Co. cast 200gn L-SWCs and again got less leading with LLA.
I also recorded my groups. The following shows the average group sizes for some loads I tried. I recorded the group size (at 25 yards) and the group size for 4 shots if I called a flyer. Each average is for a minimum of three 5-shot groups. In all but one case, the treated bullets were as accurate or more accurate than the untreated bullets and LLA seems to be about 75% more likely to improve the accuracy of the load than Rooster Jacket.
Bullet Treatment Powder Charge Avg. Group Avg (Group-flyer)
Hornady L-C/T None AA2 3.50 2.99 2.04
Hornady L-C/T L.L.A. AA2 3.50 1.81 1.33
Hornady L-C/T Rooster AA2 3.50 4.70 3.80
Hornady L-C/T Rooster Clays 3.75 1.81 1.81
Hornady L-C/T L.L.A. Clays 3.75 2.56 2.56
Hornady L-C/T None Clays 3.75 2.63 2.63
Hornady L-C/T None Red Dot 3.70 3.61 3.61
Hornady L-C/T L.L.A. Red Dot 3.70 1.96 1.40
Hornady L-C/T Rooster Red Dot 3.70 4.34 4.34
NBC None Red Dot 4.42 3.06 3.06
NBC L.L.A. Red Dot 4.42 3.16 2.14
NBC Rooster Red Dot 4.42 2.98 2.42
NBC None Red Dot 5.80 2.50 2.50
NBC L.L.A. Red Dot 5.80 2.62 2.42
NBC Rooster Red Dot 5.80 2.72 1.29
NBC None Unique 6.20 4.13 3.56
NBC. L.L.A. Unique 6.20 2.64 1.18
NBC Rooster Unique 6.20 5.59 2.38