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July 12, 2010, 09:36 AM
I've had this rifle for years and an article I read recently reminded me about it. I thought I'd bring it up here to see what ya'll knew about it.

I bought this rifle at a gunshop in Ocala Fl for $100 about 8 years ago.

On top of the reciever, from left to right is an asian charecter that looks kind of like a 1 next to an I with arrow fletching over the I. the next character looks like a box, the next one looks like a large n, the next one looks like a large t.

The rear sight is graduated from 400 to 2400, with the sight tilting away from the muzzle, opposite from a mauser.

The center rear of the reciever has a triangle inside of a circle about 3/16" in diameter.

The ring of the barrel has the same triangle in a circle cartouche on the left side, between this and the reciever is a S

the left side of the reciever has a groove for a dust cover. Below this groove are 3 circles superimposed over each othe in a triangular shape, next to the circles is the serial number, 800xxx

The safety is round and dimpled with a tab on the left side
a letter S

The right side of the buttstock is stamped with an oval inside of which is another oval, between the two circles at the top and bottom is a star. Inside of the inner oval is what looks like another Asian character.

the left side of the buttstock has remnants of red and green paint.

It has a removable floorplate with a release that vaguely resembles a lee enfield

There are finger grooves in the stock.

It has an endcap/bayonet lug exactly like my M38 turks.

The bolt handle is straight, and the knob on the end is egg shaped.

Stamped on the bottom of the barrel near the muzzle is an indecipherable word ending in x, Va, japan 6.5mm

I'd rate it NRA good. I had to replace the firing pin when I first got it . That was $20 installed puls the smith kept my old one, which had the tip removed.

It chambers and feeds 8x57, but the stripper clip slot is too large for the turk mauser clips. I shot it and accuracy was good with no deformities to the brass.

It cocks on closing the bolt and the follower holds the bolt open after the last sound is ejected.

I know it is a type 38 from the description and picture from my copy of small arms of the world.

This is the paragraph that got me thinking from an article on Wikipedia:

Finn usage
The Russians, having a surplus of Type 30 and Type 38 rifles from both direct purchase from Japan during WWI and also having captured examples during the Russo-Japanese War, warehoused some of these rifles in Finland. During the Russian Revolution, many Finns seized the chance for independence and took Arisakas from Russian arsenals. They were used mainly by Finn cavalry and after Finland's independence, experiments were taken to upgrade the Type 38s to 7.92 Mauser. With parts and ammunition drying up, Finland relegated the Arisaka to the reserves and the merchant marines before trading a large number of them off to Estonia. Finnish issued Arisakas will have district numbers and an 'S' branded on the stock.

I was told by the salesman all those years ago that it was the Chinese that rechambered it. I'm wondering now if it might have come here by way of Finnland or Estonia. I wonder how rare it is.

July 12, 2010, 09:41 AM
I'll have to check this page out later:


James K
July 12, 2010, 03:50 PM
The import marking says it was 6.5 Japanese when it was imported into the US. The marking may be wrong, but there is a definite need to determine exactly what rifle you have and what caliber it is. I suggest you make or have made a chamber cast and also carefully check the bore diameter.

The rifle sounds like it is Japanese, but your description of the markings doesn't jibe with anything I can think of.

Can you post pictures of the receiver markings, especially the top of the receiver ring.


July 13, 2010, 08:19 AM
I'm overseas right now and took the info with my description from a thread I started on another board 8 years ago, so no pictures until My tours over.

I fired some turk 8 Mauser through it years ago after I replaced the firing pin and the brass looked good with no deformations or splitting. Accuracy was average.

I was thinking that if it was rechambered/reb arrelled by the Chinese that would make sense since they used alot of rifles chambered for 8 mauser and had several factories that made them in country.