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Darth AkSarBen
July 3, 2010, 09:45 PM
I have a Sig Sauer model 522, a 22LR fold stock carbine. Shoots very nice groups and seems to shoot anything I have put in the magazines. It had a plastic "fake" gas piston adjuster in the front sight block. You could pull out the adjuster looking tab and put a few things in a storage tube there, not much, as it was not to deep, nor too wide. So.... I took it out.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a "Center Point" laser model CP0427, at a cost of $29.95. It comes with 3 lithium L44 batteries and you can either have it so that it has a click on and stay on until click off button on it, or use the accessory touch pad that has a chord and touch pad to remotely have the laser turn on. This is a momentary switch only. But, for this application it works quite well.

To start off I took off the screw on flash hider and loosened the allen set screw on the side of the gas block/front sight and removed it. There are 2 holes on either side that are there for whatever reason. They go up at about a 60 degree angle toward the top of where that fake gas block (plastic) was. I used a #29 drill and drilled out the 2 holes making sure to just drill out the holes and not go any further into the front sight. Then I tapped them with a 8-32 tap. You can buy the drill/tap combo at any Menard's, or Lowe's or just look around a bit for those as separate items. Once the holes were tapped, I inserted 8-32 set screws into the block to the point that they were about to go into where the fake plastic piece was inserted. I then put in the laser to a point that the front stuck out the front of the front sight/gas block enough that I can adjust the laser with the supplied allen wrench. Since this does not fit very tight by itself, these allen set screws are then snugged up and put the laser just a few thousands up and tight against the roof of the hole left from the plastic piece.

I threaded the momentary switch though one of the slots in the hand guard and it comes with a 2 piece sticky velcro piece. I positioned it where I thought it would be the most handy for me. Others may find a better location. Put the hand-guards all back in place, and the rest of the rifle assembles as normal.

There are 2 set screw adjustments. One is on top for elevation and one on the side for windage. On top of that there is also a larger screw that tightens the laser pointer that is internal tight against the 2 set screws used for adjusting elevation and windage. It's kind of a PITA fiddling with it as you have to loosen-tighten that larger straight screwdriver type screw to make the windage and elevation adjustments to the laser. A second set of hands would help tremendously. Once set, though, it is good to go. One push on the laser button and now that kind of useless space in the front sight block is now an activated laser. It holds well from repeated firings.

And now for some pictures as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.



A closer look at the right side showing the set screw for the front sight block and the set screw that pushes up on the laser to the roof of the front sight block hole.


Left side of the fore grip showing the location of the momentary switch. It can be moved around to where you want.


And a view from the front....


All I can say is it doesn't take a lot of money or time to accomplish this. A tap and drill combo might cost $4.00 thereabouts. I have the scope set for 25 yards and the laser for about 25 feet. Would work dandy inside the home as a defense. Just push the button and place it where you want the hits. Intruder best leave in a hurry. Admittedly, there are a whole host of other better home defense weapons, but you don't want to discount the "looks" affect this weapon might have on a would be rapist, murder, or thief. It definitely will get their attention.

March 1, 2012, 02:47 PM
hi i signed up just to thank the OP for this idea

but i did something a little diffrent. not that i cant use tools.but i wanted a simpler approach to this mod. and it would easily convert back without any visible marks

so instead of drilling the front sight mount
i modified the fake gas adjuster.
i used the same model laser sight from walmart
it almost fits inside the tube of the fake gas adjuster

so what i did is cut the tube from the back
heated a big bolt and melted the inside of the tube to soften it and inserted the laser sight. its still the same premise. this has stayed true after a few thousand rounds of firing also


Darth AkSarBen
March 1, 2012, 04:35 PM
Very nice, ZX6rpat!! I still have the original fake plastic tube in the drawer. And, to revert back just remove the laser, set screws and put the plastic tube back in place. Won't even see the threads.

Had not coded a picture correctly. Here it is....


March 14, 2012, 01:57 PM
Zx6 and Darth thanks for the great post. I just received my 522 and when I looked at this fake gas piston tube my first thoughts was "That would make a great spot for a laser" These both look like good options. Zx6 I was a little confused as to what you meant about heating a bolt to melt the tube. Did you heat the bolt and then insert it in the tube to have it melt around it, or did you put the bolt in then heat the tube to make it melt around it? I am assuming once the tube was heated and softened, you took the bold out. Did you immediately put the laser in once the tube was softened? Did you have to squeeze the tube around the laser once inserted? If you can just go into more detail, i would greatly appreciate it. I want to make sure I get this right the first time. Thanks for clarifying.


May 6, 2012, 03:33 PM
i heated a bolt approximately the size of the inner diameter of the gas tube
and then slid it inside to melt and soften the plastic and immediately placed the laser so when it cooled it held the laser solid