View Full Version : pietta 58 remington conversion

July 3, 2010, 01:46 AM
I just purchased a cabellas pieta 58 remington along with an r&d conversion cyl (5 shot .45 colt). Today was the first time trying it out and the dog gone thing outshoots my 629 s&w! I am very impressed. I spent quite a bit of time working up loads that the smith liked and this thing shot all 4 loads I had for it equally well. Since all I do with my handguns are hunt paper, cans and rocks I may be getting rid of my expensive smith and keeping my cheap little italian number!

July 3, 2010, 11:41 AM
Those conversion cylinders are sweet!

I've been thinking. (Uh-oh!) If "small" companies like Taylor's, Pietta and Uberti can make a quality product for half the price of a regular revolver, how come the big companies keep selling their pistols for crazy amounts of money? Most of them are the same or less quality, but cost twice as much.

A custom tuned BP revolver only costs $350, spend another $250 on a conversion cylinder and it can run or outshoot anything the big boys sell for $800 or more. An out of the box Pietta or Uberti can be the same quality or better than an out of the box Big Boy Brand pistol, the big boys have hiccups in their production sometimes. Make more guns, have more hiccups.