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Max R
June 29, 2010, 10:49 PM
I have an M1917 US enfield is very good condition It is mixmatched as are 90% of them today. Recently I had it looked at by CMP, and was told that the gun is worth every bit of $600 dollars.On the best trade possible I was offered a Yugo, or Soviet SKS,an M1903 in fair condition, and any number of surplus rifles all of which come nowhere near my rifle in value. Yet if I ask an even trade on either a rebuilt Garand or M1 carbine I might as well be speaking a foreign language. Do any of you have a sane, or sensible answer for me? I can understand this where a real C&R correct Garand is concerned that is assuming you can find one. I'm not offering for trade, I'm simply trying to find the truth Now don't get all bent I have not been a member long enough to put anything in the sell/buy/trade forum What do you consider a fair deal for my M1917 for an M1 I'm just curious

June 29, 2010, 11:44 PM
It sounds like a very fine milsurp rifle, Why get rid of it? Am I missing something here?
A Yugo SKS goes for around $300 or less. If you want a simi-auto ammo blaster, save up and buy one. Try shooting the Enfield, you might find that hitting the target at 100 yards is as much fun as blasting away with an ammo burner. JMHO.

June 30, 2010, 01:51 AM
The Enfield simply is not as popular as the Garand or the M1 carbine. Maybe you could have swung a straight trade before Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan came out, no way now.

I've heard rumors that S. Korea is going to be sending surplus Garands here. That might lower their value relative to your M1917.

June 30, 2010, 05:04 PM
Max consider yourself very fortunate. bill Clinton made the dirtiest deal of the century in 1996 He did away with the DCM and helped establish a private corporation called Civilian Marksmanship program I like to call it the Civilian Misfire program. This is one of th reasons why the M1 has reached it's level of unattainability THEY COST TOO DARN MUCH!!! The sad part is I would have to say that well over 50% of those in the Market today have lost true C&R value. They have been rebuilt so many times that They are only good for shooting. Are they accurate? Of Course they are as long as the nit wit holding them know's what he is doing Buzzcook hit it right on the head
The optimum word is Popularity.The simple laws of supply and demand. If we are to suddenly get flooded with M1s from outside the country, you would see those outrageous prices drop. Look at the Mosin Nagant There are so many of them that they are cheap. I myself own a Dragoon, but it is hardly worth more than a few hundred. I have an M1917 which is 75 % Eddystone I'll never part with her She is true American History, in a war that few Americans know anything about. To me she is worth much more than that Springfield Hold on to that M1917 Max You'll be glad that you did