View Full Version : Thinking of making a build...need some info?

June 26, 2010, 12:04 PM
i have been thinking of making a build something that i can do all on my own....would like to make it on a Rem 700 platform...can you all suggest what all i would need?
i havent ever done anything like this but would really like to try so bear with me on the seemingly dumb questions.

on something like a Rem 700 say in a normal style caliber...308 or 25-06 which i would like to do the 25-06 i think....what all would i need other than the obivious stock,barrel and do the actions come compleate? what else would i need?

any info would be great....im not talking about doing anything fancy that will cost a ton of cash just something simple to start with.

maybe some of you that have done this before have a list of parts from a previous build you have done?

June 26, 2010, 01:50 PM
You're a brave man, champ198. Unless you already have the required tools and specific gauges, it's much easier (and probably cheaper in the long run) to get a barreled action than as separates. You'll use the parts you buy, but getting the tools for a one-off installation will drive your costs way up. Before you decide, you need to read-up on what's involved to do a proper job of installing a barrel blank. There are lathe-less methods for fitting barrels and you need to evaluate which way you wanna go. Perhaps, for your first project, custom stocking a barreled action will satisfy your urge to build something you can be proud of and shoot.

June 27, 2010, 08:36 AM
if you are going to simply add a custom barrel to a 700 action then the minimun you'll need is

barrrel vice
action wrench
go& nogo gauges
finish chamber reamer( can be rented)

there is an article at brownells site on doing this very thing to a 700..

barrels can be obtained from brownells , Midwayusa or barrel makers themselves such as Shaw(Mid-range barrel)

what you'll want is a 90% chambered barrel

you can pay what you want for a barrel( chrom-moly or SS)

there are many good books on re-barreling. Look at midway for these and READ them