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June 20, 2010, 08:22 AM
I got my new bolt head and just went to change it, I ran into a bit of a problem.
In the first photo you can see in the red circle a bit of a notch, this is the old bolt head, on the new bolt head you see there is no notch.
Where the bolt head slides into the bolt body there is a indent on the outside and a raised spot on the inside that this notch fits into.
The new bolt head does not have this notch and so will not slide into the bolt body all the way.
Do I need to make a notch on the new bolt head or do I file and remove the raised spot on the inside of the bolt body?


The bolt spacer/shield has a cut away (shown circled in RED, first photo below) area that sits over a pin, this makes it so the spacer/shield can only rotate 90 degrees, on the new bolt it does not have the pin that is circled in the second photo down. This allows the spacer/shield to rotate completely around, does this matter?



Thanks for any help you can give.

Michael Grace

James K
June 20, 2010, 02:20 PM
Golly, it is fun guessing the make and model of the rifle from the parts, but it looks like a Savage 110 or a variant.

The answer is simple, though. You have an older rifle and the new parts won't fit. Where did you get the parts and did you provide the supplier with the full model number and serial number? Don't go filing on anything until you contact the parts supplier and get things straightened out. If you alter the parts, they won't take them back.