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Gator Weiss
June 20, 2010, 12:51 AM
Has anyone looked at the Baker Rifle?

There is an outfit selling Baker Rifles and they advertise that they can get a rifled barrel arranged for about 150 bucks.

The Baker looks like a solid piece, but it is pricey.

Has anyone on this forum bought one? I am interested in purchasing one, but I am wondering if it will retain any re-sale value and if the quality is really up to snuff with the advertisements I am seeing.

Baker Rifle for Sale (Sharpe's Rifles)
Baker Rifle for the 95th Rifles used in Sharpe's Rifles for sale.


June 20, 2010, 01:07 AM
I couldn't find it on that site, but here's another Baker reproduction from a U.S. importer:


Here's MVT's faq's page:


Just like with most any new gun, they can lose value immediately after being purchased and used. And I think that if more money is invested into the gun to customize it then there's the potential that for even greater depreciation. It may depend on whether one knows of reenacting group members or BP club members who might be more interested in buying that particular model. Otherwise it could be a hard item to sell and some depreciation should be expected.
So personally speaking I wouldn't modify it unless I were planning on keeping it for a long while.