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June 19, 2010, 02:14 PM
Noob to both smithing and this forum, so please forgive any gaffs. My virtually new Kassnar PMK 380 refused to extract rounds so I stripped it down to find the extractor plunger wasn't moving freely in the channel. Upon researching the issue I learned that "there should be a pointed plunger at the rear [of the spring] and engaging the safety, then the spring, then the extractor plunger (with the beveled side properly engaged with the extractor), then the extractor itself." (quote from an old Dfariswheel post, thanks). Well this gun had no pointed plunger at the end of the spring, but rather a simple ball bearing, not the "safety pin" identified in the schematic. Upon further investigation I found that if sufficient force is supplied to the extractor plunger, the extractor is forced forward enough to engage the base of the round. So the problem seems to be that the channel in which these components ride may need polishing to facilitate free movement. That I can do. But, what's with the ball bearing? Nowhere in my research have I seen reference to it. And lastly, where can I find a PMK "safety pin" with which to replace the ball bearing (no luck with Numrich/Brownells) or can/should I replace it, the ball bearing, with a PPK safety detent or PA63 safety spring, i.e. will they fit? Thanks in advance.