View Full Version : Cabela's bargain cave 1858 - good deal or bad deal?

June 15, 2010, 01:19 PM
My area Cabela's hardly ever has revolvers for sale in their bargain cave, but yesterday they did.
They had 2 Remington Target models for $170 plus tax that are on sale right now for $219. The price tags indicated that they were used so I asked the clerk to take one of them out of the box to look at. That gun hadn't been used at all. The barrel had 2 tiny spots on it that looked like really small water droplets where the bluing was thin and that looked brownish.
After the clerk insisted on removing the cylinder, I cocked the hammer and when I eased it down I could feel that the trigger had a tre-men-dous amount of creep. I guess that if someone had some experience and knew how to fix such a terrible trigger then it would be a little bit of a better deal for them.
So what parts would be involved, the trigger or the hammer or both?
Could fixing it maybe just involve some honing?
It certainly wouldn't have been a worthwhile purchase for a person like me that's not so inclined.
But would this be a good deal for someone who could easily fix it without needing any parts?
Or if parts end up being needed would buying it be a bad deal? :rolleyes:

June 15, 2010, 03:57 PM
My 1858 from Cabela's is the standard model, not the target. But, it's got some creep in the trigger. I don't know what you consider tremendous. Mine isn't all that big a deal - I just have to practice using a smooth and consistent squeeze all the way through and I get fine results.

Having said that, with buying stuff in their bargain cave, there are no returns or warranty (except perhaps from the factory - you'd have to check). $50 difference is pretty good, but once you've got it you're stuck. If you really HAVE to have the target model, and the trigger creep is the only thing that is really an issue, I'd probably go ahead and take the gamble. But I'd sooner just buy a standard one that's new.