View Full Version : GOLD RUSH lightning FIX light strike

June 7, 2010, 09:19 AM
Like others in the past, we received a near new Gold Rush from Beretta Uberti in 45Lc because the first owner did not like the light strike on primers. It would miss with light strike dent on one in four. It would ignite on second hammer strike. The repair consisted of butstock removal, right angle screwdriver removal of the mainspring screw. We placed the mainspring in a vise where one inch (from the hole ) was captured. The spring was cold bent by hand only 15 degrees bringing the hammer end surface towards the hammer increasing preload at the strike position. Reassembly was straightforward with excellent strike results. This extra spring tension was not noticeable in operation.
Note this rifle MUST have the forend held forward when pulling the trigger. The natural tendency to use the forend to hold the rifle to the shoulder must be stopped, or the bolt will be held slightly to the rear and subsequent light strike will occur from this incorrect handling of this rifle!