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May 27, 2010, 06:30 AM
Guys I'm looking for stories of attacks and or confrontations that the victim/s did or could have used a firearm for self defense. Particularly attacks with multiple bad guys and not in a home, at work, or police actions. Basically Joe sixpack out in public.

I will start..........A friend of mine was pulling up into his driveway when he noticed a van being burglarized in the parking lot of a church next door. He positioned himself and confronted the bad guys (2). They initially advanced on his position and he raised his pistol. He held them at gunpoint until the Tampa Police Department could arrest them. He was credited (and awarded a certificated by TPD) for stopping this pair which were part of a larger group responsible for a string of costly auto thefts.

May 27, 2010, 07:01 AM
Here's a couple I just found.......a couple friends of mine got mugged recently. the situation went down like this. two guys walking down the street, car pulls up and 3 guys hop out. one has a hand gun small caliber they mentioned it didn't even look real. the two others had a pipe and some brass knuckles respectively. They say give up you stuff or your getting shot................


...............the pickup pulled up behind my work truck and four very large very intoxicated men got out. i asked can i help you and one replied we're just gonna take what ever you have ,it was then i realized i had taken my pistol off and layed it in the floorboard to be more comfortable on the long drive................

May 27, 2010, 08:13 AM
My wife and I were driving home from the airport after being away for nearly three weeks on a vacation to Greece which included a cruise of the Greek Islands. Our discussion while we were driving was a replay of the vacation. We were about three miles from home, stopped at a traffic light. I was facing my wife during the stop when I saw the expression on my wife's face turn from delight to horror. I turned around to see two men pounding on my driver's side window and attempting to pull the door open....I always drive with the doors locked.

My first thought was my gun, but we had just come from the airport and I don't leave guns in the car. Here is where my instincts kicked in and my brain shut down: I jammed the transmission into Park. I unlocked the door, shoving the door open against these two thugs, nearly knocking them off their feet. They took one look at my 6'2", 235 pound body come barreling out of the car and they ran to the "getaway car" from which they apparently came, jumped into it, which had four other males in it, and sped off thru the red light.

My car was first in line at the red stop light. The assailants car was abeam my car, first in its lane. Not one other person that witnessed this event even made an attempt to help me...not that I needed it. These assailants were out to either car jack us or rob us, or both. It all worked out in the end but had I had a gun with me, the outcome would have been drastically different as I completely felt outnumbered as our property and lives were at risk.

May 27, 2010, 08:13 AM
This situation happened to me last year.

Let me give you some orientation. There is a Kroger right near where I live. It's one of the larger ones. Just in front and off to the left of the Kroger contained in the same parking lot-system is their Kroger Gas Station. Just off to the left of this is a drive-through Chase ATM on the same tarmac.

I needed to get some cash one evening, so I drove out to the ATM and waited for the car in front of me to finish. While I was waiting, I saw two "gentlemen" loitering behind the gas station out of the light of the tarmac. I pulled up and started my transaction. I was waiting for the cash to dispense when I saw the two gentlemen making a B-line for my car at a brisk walk while looking around them (about 50 feet away); the standard (is anyone going to see this...) motion. I pulled my weapon to my lap (I seat carry when I'm alone) and grabbed my cash just as it dispensed and hit the gas when they were about 20 feet from me. I looked back and saw them both make the (Aww man!) big arms motion. I re-holstered my weapon and put it IWB while I pulled into Kroger and did my shopping.

After shopping I realized that I did in fact need gas. I drove on over to the Kroger gas station and got out to fill up. I swiped my card and began looking around now on the well-lit tarmac. I didn't see anyone but the teller in the booth. I start to fill up and then here they come from around the back of the building- the two guys (~80feet).
"Hey man let us holla at-chou..." These guys really mean no good, and I know it. I honestly know that their intent was to rob me right at the ATM before, and they know that I probably still have cash on me.
I crossed in front of the teller booth (must pay at the booth after hours), made serious eye contact with the 18yo teller and said loudly "Call the police." I didn't know quite what we would need them for just yet, but in my head, I know they are going to need to be called.

I turned toward these two guys (~35-40ft) and tucked my shirttail behind my Glock 19 at 4 o'clock, and kept my hand there. I then gave both of them a hard dose of eye contact and they stopped moving. I said, "The cops are on their way. And I'd be running if I were you."
They looked at each other for a few seconds then turned around and jogged to their POS car at the back of the lot, got in and sped off. I told the teller that they were gone and he told me, "I really thought those guys were going to rob me earlier."
Cops came and talked and promised to make a few more sweeps by there the next couple of nights.
I drove the 3 blocks home and as soon as I walked in the door I could feel my heart pounding in my hot hears and I don't think I stopped sweating for about an hour.

I'm pretty proud of our LEO community where I live. They're some of the kind that really like to help out the average Joe, and they seem to support gun rights. I really think that being armed gave me the confidence to stop a mugging, robbery, and God knows what else. I didn't even have to pull my weapon, but just the knowledge that I had it gave me what I needed in order to act.

For the record, my personal perscription for dealing with midnight punks is the police on the phone and a gun on the belt. This one in particular turned out pretty well for everyone, bad guys included. And at the end of the day, I think that's the goal. No crimes committed and everyone in their beds.


May 27, 2010, 12:40 PM
Two stories in the last couple of weeks..

Eugene, OR: A guy noticed some peeps fighting, beating on someone, steps in to stop it, get's his jaw broken(now wired up for 6 mos)...he tells the attacker he is armed, and pulls his gun...the attacker taunts him, says he won't shoot...the guy puts one in the guy's leg...I guess the shock and suprise on the thugs face was worth the price of admission...thug goes to hospital and jail...guy gets his jaw wired up, but not charged.

Tuscon, Az: 4 armed bad guys go to rip a stereo store..owner pulls out a 44 mag, employee pulls a shotgun...get this....the guy with the 44 mag, shoots three, the employee shoots one with buckshot.....guy hit with buckshot runs off, get's arrested, goes to hospital...not verified, but I think all three hit with the 44 mag died....considered justified...but the stereo store was suspected of not quite being legit, hence the strong arm robbery...

May 27, 2010, 08:58 PM
Two robbers on board a motorcycle decided to do a daylight heist on a roadside store (a.k.a. sari sari store here in the Philippines). One remains in the motorcycle (acts as a driver and a look out) while the other went to the owner and stick his gun on his face. He was able to get a cell phone and a cash amounting to 5000.00PHP or US119.00. When he was about to board the motorcycle the owner pulled a 9mm from his table and shoot the two of them. End result, one dead and one was hit near his stomach. No complaint was filled to the store owner. The two robbers were wanted by the Phil. National Police for a string of robberies.

May 27, 2010, 10:14 PM
I've been there a couple of times, fired shots once. Stories are here somewhere, buried pretty deep in the archives.

What I would like to say is, don't get hell bent on "holding" bad guys for the law. Most of the time, they are either going to leave or get shot. If you are determined to "hold" them and they try to leave, you may be inclined to use your weapon to stop them from leaving and that is rarely if ever legal. It is extremely difficult to cover/control multiple bad guys, your best blessing is when they turn tail and disappear. In most jurisdictions you can use a firearm to defend yourself against unwarranted attack upon your person (and in some jurisdictions, to defend property) but just standing around holding a gun on someone who is not an immediate threat is asking for trouble. Use your gun to stop an attack, use it to remove yourself from an unsafe situation or area, but don't try to use it to impress your will upon someone.

May 28, 2010, 09:47 PM
+1 fastforty. Posted my story elsewhere, under mixed rounds or something like that.
Did the LEO thing long enough to know catching bad guys is for folks that can bring all their friends to the party at short notice, and they bring their guns too. Citizens don't have that luxury. Legal reasons are sound as well.

May 29, 2010, 03:33 PM
I thought I was going to have to use my weapon in defense at a wal-mart about a year ago now. It was late, about 2 in the morning. I know, I know, maybe not the smartest thing to do but I'm in college and usually stay up late if I don't have class till 2 in the afternoon. Anyways, I had just hit the parking lot when I notice about 6-8 guys hanging out by a car that happens to be between me and my car. I think to myself "hmmm kinda strange but hopefully no big deal" definitely in the warning stage mode now tho. As I get closer to them I hear one say, "look at this fool" and chuckling about it and another one say, "We ought to get this guy". I was already carrying my grocery sack in my left hand so I immidiately but very subtly reached under my shirt and grasped the handle of my pistol with my right hand. I didn't pull it out but was in position to readily react if I needed to. Thankfully, their snickering and taunting behavior instantly seized. I walked past them, coming within about 7 or so yards, and without saying a word climbed into my car, locked the doors, and was gone within seconds. To this day I'm not sure if those guys would have done something to me or if they were just running their mouths like a bunch of ignorant kids but I'm sure glad that I had my sidearm with me that night! Anytime everything works out perfectly and you are able to avoid using your weapon is another successful day of carrying a firearm. O and who knows, just maybe those idiots no longer talk trash to random people. :D