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May 20, 2010, 12:09 PM
Not sure if anyone is using the 93gr lee mold for 32 Auto, but I picked one up (hesitantly) for the purpose. I'll be honest in saying I'm a little nervous about the higher grain bullet than what is listed and such limited case volume. My first thought was to drill and pin it as a hollow-point mold to reduce weight a little. BUT, I found this really wasn't an option because the real problem is in bullet length. By the time I reach a seating depth that doesn't rest on the lands, I'm so deep into the case that it's very near if not for sure a compressed load--that just screams for a ka-boom. Then I had an idea---what if I shear off the base of the bullet right at the start of the bottom lube groove? The dimensions match perfectly with a gas check, and shorten the bullet by a fare amount as well.

So---the outcome was this: After taking off the base of the bullet, sure enough-a .30 cal gas check snapped firm onto the "new" base that was previously a lube groove. After running through a sizer and crimping the GC, I threw it onto a scale---dead-on at 80 grains. It shortened the bullet enough to NOT risk compressing a load the way I was worried about before due to bullet length, as well as getting back in the realm of existing load date and pressures.

So... Anyone else done this or something similar? I haven't ground down the mold itself yet (that might happen over the weekend), and this was just a morning brainstorm over my first cup of coffee--meaning I didn't even take any photos yet, much less had the chance to test the load. Any thoughts on this?

May 20, 2010, 10:01 PM
That`ll work for a GC design but I gotta ask why not reduce ya powder so ya don`t have to buy GC at $30.00 a K , fixed sites????

How hard are ya gonna push the bullet ??? & lastly ya need a chronograph to see what ya loads are doing in YOUR gun.

OK ,I see now an acp, what if ya mill the base off as planned then open the base backup to 311 eliminat the GC , it`ll only add 5 gr. or so.

We are talkin a 2 hole mold here rite???

May 20, 2010, 10:45 PM
what if ya mill the base off as planned then open the base backup to 311 eliminat the GC , it`ll only add 5 gr. or so.

We are talkin a 2 hole mold here rite???

Milling it out to just a solid base single groove didn't even cross the mind yet---:D Guess that's why I rely on the cumulative genius here---yes, that would be much preferred. The weight difference should balance also--I think I remember the GC's come in at 4.4 grains. Yes--it's a 2-cav. The trick will be in shaving the top plane of the mold uniform across both cavities, but I think I have that figured out.

June 18, 2010, 04:44 PM
So I finally had time to go out and do a little testing with the 93gr boolits before deciding whether or not to follow through with a mold modification. There will be no modifying--end of story. Whatever concerns I had about the seating depth due to the bullet length has been satisfied. I don't remember the charge I put behind those off the top of my head since I'm at work, but those 93's are sweet shooting through a .32 ACP. Love 'em!

June 19, 2010, 08:17 AM
Put your mold (both halves together) into a mill vise, "level" the mould, drill out the bases (bullet base), then mill down to the desired depth. Dont forget to drill a pilot hole for the sprue plate before you mill the mold.