View Full Version : Anyone Want In On A Group Powder Buy Near Portland,OR?

Gaucho Gringo
May 10, 2010, 08:56 PM

I am looking for people to go in on a shared powder buy from Jack's Powder Keg http://www.jackspowderkeg.com/ in the Portland OR area. I am thinking about a 25# lot of 3F Jack's Black in one pound cans. Price works out to be $11.00 a pound which includes shipping and hazemet fees. PM me if interested. Thank you.

In view of the comments received on another forum, I will amend this post. Anyone want to go in on 25# of 3f Goex. This works out to be $13.40 a pound. I had posted before in this forum and others in the past asking about Jacks BP but never got any answers. Thanks to those who replied.