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Johnny O.
May 9, 2010, 02:13 PM
I have been doing some searches and reading on this and two other forums, but I can’t seem to answer all of my questions… I’ll post this on the other two forums as well, just incase someone there has info that wouldn’t see my questions otherwise. I can’t hit them all but I like the helpful, friendly attitude and the knowledge that seems to be on these 3 forums.
I’m going to start shooting cast bullets in my 03-A3 and I’m trying to decide on a mold. Now, based on the reading I have done I have narrowed the choices down just a little bit (but not much). Out of the Lyman line I read good things about 311284, 311290, 311291, & 311332. I think I would start with the 311284 out of that group but the Lyman web site list a 311644, 190gr mold that I am interested in but haven’t found any posts or very few about it anyway. This is what the Lyman site has to say about it “Recent design for the 308 with a tapered lead to fit the rifling. Capable of shooting under 1" at 100 yards. Good bullet for 03A3’s. Nose grooves must be hand lubed”. Dose anyone have any experience with this one? Would love to hear all about it. I would also like to hear about which Lee molds work well in the two grove rifling of the A3. I could only find six .30 cal rifle mold made by Lee and some of them look similar to the Lyman ones except for the 311644. Same with RCBS molds. I would love to read everything yall have to say about these bullets.
Johnny O.