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May 8, 2010, 12:11 PM
I have had minor work done on various pistols at Paterson Gunsmithing since I was 15 years old; never had a problem before. Just this past year, I had Novak sights placed and zeroed on a Beretta 92FS, and the job was done perfectly, the owner gave me the target back and talked to me about how it went.

Earlier this week I dropped off my 1911 TRP to have the trijicons that came on it switched out for Warren Tactical sights, and for zeroing. I left 10 rounds of the ammo I use to compete with for the zeroing process. When I went to pick up the pistol, the guy who did the work (not the owner) is helping me. First. no target was given back to me (" uhh I threw it out"). Asked if there were any problems, how did it go? ("You might have a different zero then me, you will have to shoot it and see"). All excited I get my TRP home and realize - It hasn't been shot. It is super clean, smells cinnamon-sweet from weaponshield, just how I left it with them :(

I get the guy who placed the sights on the phone, who admits that he "bore sighted" it (no mentioned of what happened to my ammo). Then I get the owner on the phone, who I explain the situation to and how I was lied to, and he says he will make it right, Tells me to bring back the pistol anytime and he will personally zero it while I am standing there with him. I try to get a time from him but he says come anytime.

I go to my range last night to at least see where the pistol is shooting before I go, and after 20 rounds the rear sight is sliding all over the Novak cut. I go back to the shop this morning and the owner is not there, they have no idea when or if he will be coming in today, they try to leave a message with him but no call back. More back and forth, but in the end they say to me "If you know so much about how it should be done, then why don't you put on the sights yourself?"

I got my money 10 rounds back and left.

I guess every business occasionally has unhappy customers and bad situations come up. Thus I present just the facts, and hold the comments. Take it for what its worth.

May 9, 2010, 11:32 AM
It sounds like the original owner's on his way out, for whatever reason, and you've met the FNG. :(

I'd go shopping for a new gunsmith, if I was wearing your shoes.