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May 7, 2010, 12:14 PM
I get the Sportsmansguide catalog all the time, most of the stuff in there is crap; However, I see from time to time these kits that contain parts kits for complete firearms, minus the receivers. Most of them are old European firearms, not common stuff ever seen here in the US. The latest one is some Russian carriage-mounted machine gun (the Gorunov, or Goriunov, etc.) I also remember seeing a Sten kit, and some other Euro SMG from the 50's or so.

My question is: Who buys these kits, and how do they build a complete firearm out of them? I'd love to hear some stories, or better yet, see pictures from someone's kit gun.


EDIT: here's a partial list on their site of the kits:

AK-47; AR-15/M-16; Yugoslav M53; HK33; Sterling L2A3 (cool!); Polish RPD; Karl Gustav M45 (also cool!);

May 7, 2010, 12:22 PM
I got a romanian G rifle kit and put it together with a nodak spud reciever. I have to take off the trigger gaurd and adjust the spacing to fit mags better but it seems to work. It is more expensive to put a gun together from a kit generally than buying one complete but I love to tinker and it kept me busy for a while. Sorry at work no pics.

May 7, 2010, 12:47 PM
They are built by cleaning and preparing the parts for reassembly onto a new receiver. Then putting in a semi auto trigger group and the correct amount of U.S. made parts to comply with the law.

AK47s and AR15s are the most commonly built rifles and are relatively easy and inexpensive compared to other kits. Others require more skill and more expensive tools so they are limited to people who can weld and machine parts.

Like Famine said, its something that people do because they enjoy building their own rifle or want a custom build. Its like restoring an old car and building it the way you want it. Its a hobby and you learn a lot about how your rifle works and how to fix it by building it yourself. Also, if you built it right, you can take pride in what you built.

There are also companies that buy these kits to produce rifles for resale with very bad to good results. Century Arms, Tennessee Guns, and Lancaster are a few that come to mind.

If you want to learn more look here http://www.weaponeer.net/forum/default.asp or here http://www.gunco.net/forums/index.php

By the way, why do you want to bomb peasants?

May 7, 2010, 12:47 PM
There's a 11% excise on 'complete' firearms. I would guess they are getting around this tax by selling just 'parts'. Of course, this tax may apply only to new guns. I also see lots of M-16 parts kits w/o receivers. Anyway, that's my guess, they are bypassing some rule and w/o a receiver they don't have to go via FFL.

May 7, 2010, 01:03 PM
OK. I understand that it would be easy to find/get an AK-type receiver, or an AR-15/M-16 receiver. What I DON'T get is the oddball guns, like the Danish/Swedish/Polish/Argentine/etc... SMG's and the like. Who builds receivers for those? Or more importantly, who has the ability to fabricate one? I imagine there's gazillions of shop manuals on the AK's and AR's, with complete, detailed schematics for their receivers, but the M53? the RPD?

The oddball guns are the ones that would be fun to build, because who shows up at the range with a Sterling L2A3?

May 7, 2010, 01:22 PM
The oddball ones are the ones that are expensive and difficult to build so they are very limited to only a few who can build them. You can buy receivers for some of the oddballs but the people that have the skills to build them also are likely to have the tools to make their own receivers.

Some of the kits are also very expensive and when you add the cost of the requred U.S. made parts and a new receiver, it is more than a lot of people can afford. Also, SMGs need a new 16 inch barrel to make it legal with a but stock, a remachined bolt, and firing pin to be legal so that is more exspense and a greater degree of skill.

That's why they aren't commonly built by individuals but there are companies that build them and sell the guns. They aren't cheap though. A semi auto Goryunov from a company is almost $5000.


May 7, 2010, 01:51 PM
you could build one cheaper a few years ago,but now with the barrel ban kits have shot up in price,the reason they are imported as kits is because no machine guns can be imported,so they cut them up and sell them as parts,i built this yugo 5 yrs ago cost was 79.00 for kit,80.00 for us reciever,and about 60.00 us 922 compliance parts

May 7, 2010, 03:25 PM
When they round up the fringe groups like the Branch Davidians, you see where the kits go. Thirty years ago, when parts kits really were on a roll, it was junk you were buying. There were very few involved in AR-15 build kits. I went to gun shows and a lot of the parts I saw were "replace by attrition" and clean the warehouse out of bad stock parts. The round FWD/assist, open flash/sup.,unchromed barrels, etc. A lot of M-14s were torch cut and sold for scrape weight by the MC. You don't have to sell many parts to make money on that deal.