View Full Version : Ramline Lockarm Conversion for Marlin 795/70/etc

Big Shrek
May 6, 2010, 02:39 AM
Ok, I finally got the parts in...and it was a VERY fast job.
First ya need a Ramline M70 Lockarm stock from Numrich for $15.

Then you need an Advanced Technology SKS Retrofit kit for $10

First you drill a centerpunch hole thru the center of the original stop and once the two pieces split, you push them out & then remove the lockarm, then remove the fixed cam with the blade.

Fold the lockarm across the stock and place the cam inside the hole with the spring on the bottom.

Stick the pin thru the top hole and leave about 3/8" above the stock...then tighten setscrew slightly and Check the lock/unlock function. Adjust if needed.

Tighten screw with a 5/64" allen wrench. Test several times & make sure it's right where you want it.

Slap in your 795/70/995/989/989m2/etc barrelled action and it's a done deal!!

There is a little play once you are done, but it's really not any worse than the wiggle it already had.
However, I think building up the back wall will resolve the stock slop...I'm considering epoxy or some sort of plastic filler.
Heck, even a little moleskin might do the trick!