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May 4, 2010, 11:08 PM
Savage Edge Carbine:

Walked into one of my favorite gun stores a while back and handled a Ruger M77 Laminate Hawk-eye Compact. Very Nice feeling gun, love the length of it and it would be quite handy walking through the brush and swamps here in Georgia. This gun Reminded me somewhat of the CZ 527 .223 i picked up a month or two before that. So now i have got it in my head that i want a light fast .223 for paper punching, and knocking around the woods.

I don't really have the scratch for either of these guns and i don't really like how Ruger rifles shoot (sorry Ruger fans, don't mean to hate, i have had some bad experiences that has soured me on Ruger Bolt actions) and i don't know of another rife that fits the bill.

Enter the Savage Edge.

I am a fan of Savage. I like how they are made, i like how they shoot, i like how they are priced, i don't really like how they look but they handle pretty good and you can't get it all.

I have been VERY VERY impressed with the results of a few inexpensive Savages i have personally shot.

The new savage edge seems to be on the level. Savage barrel, check, 110/10 bolt, check, the new receiver is a unit that is biased on some slab sided bench rest action (allegedly), Requires fewer cuts/less machining (to make it CHEAPER) and is very stiff thanks to the closed top with only a small port for shell ejection.

Early reports show the rile shooting like a savage, which is to say under one MOA at 100 with premium ammo.

Now i can get one of these for the LOW LOW price of $250 bucks from Buds Gun shop, Figure $50-60 for a good base and rings, around $200 for a nice Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35 or comparable scope and i am looking at a nice handy rifle at around 550ish.

Now this is where i am out of my dept, lets say i wanted to get said rifle cut down to around 17" and re-crowned. Is this a good or bad idea and how much do you think it would run me. How much weight would that lop off a low 6 lb gun (sans scope) if the stock barrel is 22in (5 inches of barrel removed total) Is their a cheaper way to get a rifle like this? Some other rile maybe? Am i crazy?

May 5, 2010, 01:55 AM
You will lose maybe 4 oz of barrel weight. You will pick up a lot of muzzle blast. You will lose about 200 fps. Why bother? Just shoot it the way it comes from the factory. Yes, they're ugly but they shoot.

And if Savage could figure out how to make them out of recycled pop cans, they would. I would bet there will be a lot of stories about this new wonder-gun that pop up as the guns start to fail. I'm not bashing, just looking at track records for "my gun is cheaper than yours" also-rans.

May 6, 2010, 07:23 PM
I realize that it make seem strange to you but i still would just like to get an idea of how much weight would come off with 7 inches of barrel gone and how much it would cost IF i decided to cut it down some after i bought it.

TX Hunter
May 16, 2010, 01:55 PM
MR John Gault 88

If you look around, you can buy a Used Ruger Frontier or Compact, for about the same money.
I have one in .308 and its Very Accurate.
You do however get more Recoil and Blast with a Shorter Barrel.