View Full Version : AR-22 ideas....

May 2, 2010, 08:26 PM
Currently have a CMMG conversion bolt for my 20" AR-15 Varminter which I built with a DPMS Lower/LPK, Model1 upper, etc. Its ~13lbs fully loaded, so its a dang heavy 22LR if I have the conversion kit in.

Looking at getting an AR upper or entire 22LR setup. I'm more or less looking at the most economical/nicest setup for the money.

I know the S&W15 mags won't interchange with the Ciener kits, and I think there are other models that won't as well. I have a PLR-22, Ciener conversion kit, and half a dozen 26rd BlackDogMags so I don't want to mess with a setup that doesn't interchange with what I got already. I just became a dealer for BlackDogMagazines, so would have access to the S&W15 mags for cheap, but that doesn't seem too economical with other 22LR options out there :D

I'm not looking for anything "match" or an SBR or pistol variant, just a standard ~16" regular profile barrel, no carrying handle, and preferably no front sight post as it'll either have a Mueller Holographic sight put on it or a Mueller 4.5-14x40A/O put on it.

Any ideas? I've seen a few uppers-only for ~325ish but that's alot of coin for just a 22LR upper when whole guns are near that price.