View Full Version : rem 12 gallery special forearm parts

May 1, 2010, 07:46 PM
Guy from work approaches me to find him some screws to fit the forearm of an early Rem 12 Gallery special. An online search yielded a diagram and a source, so I ordered a set (actually 2 as they had a minimum).

Come to find out he needs the screws and the bushing that fits in the forearm into which the screws nest as they tighten in the threads of the mag tube assembly. It is an early rifle that only uses one screw, no lockscrew.

I double checked the diagram, and the bushing doesn't show, at least, I don't see it, and an online search yields nothing yet. Interestingly, bob's gun shop in AR sells new wood, but the bushing is absent.

Where can I find a forearm that I can scavenge, or replace the existing one entirely, that includes these missing bushings. The little rifles were popular, but now that I'm hunting parts, I can't find what I need.

May 2, 2010, 01:42 AM
What you are looking for is called an escutcheon. If you buy the screws, you should also get the escutcheon. If you need an escutcheon, they are easy enough to make on a lathe, find someone who has a lathe and wants to make some money.

May 4, 2010, 01:10 AM
I did not get an escutcheon(s) with the screws, and the source (Wisners) made no mention of same. My first thought was to have somebody turn what I was calling a "bushing" to fit. Then I though about scavenging. My buddy thought the originals were made from brass.

We'll have to do something, as the screws will split the forearm if the action is cycled much as is. Not my rifle, but now I'm hooked and would like to see it right.

Neat old rifle BTW. The forearm has been cycled a zillion time, the grooves cut into the wood worn near smooth by who knows how many hands at a gallery.
The bore looks good and the little rifle shoots well enough off hand to still be useful!!!!!