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April 28, 2010, 05:38 AM
While this is in no way complete list this is a pic of some "new" style I picked out .
the ones on the rt. look like regular lead weights other than the Zn or Z on em ! anyways not near enuff pics anywhere of zinc weights so I`ll start .



April 29, 2010, 10:11 AM
It seems like zinc and stick on WW are showing up more at the tire shops, I don’t mind the stick on ones, I just shoot them in the Muzzle loader, But picking out all the zinc gets old fast when you are buying the WW by the pound and end up with a third of the weight being junk..

April 29, 2010, 11:21 AM
Our tire shop uses only steel weights. I don't know if the alloy contains zinc, but they are labeled as steel. Our neighboring state Washington requires non-toxic weights, and they can't contain more than 9% zinc either.

These are the weights we use. BADA steel wheel weights (http://www.steelwheelweights.com/index.htm)

BTW, if the weight is stamped "Fe" that is the symbol for iron and means it's a steel weight.

max it
April 30, 2010, 11:03 AM

Good pics.
Right now I am contemplating doing a swap with other reloaders in the area and I need to watch out for this stuff. I already have some of those pictured in the batch of WW.
HOwever now I have several hundred #'s of linotype and wonder what I will get if offer to swap some for WW's. I planned on asking for 3# for 1# to offset the value of this linotype which is generally over $3 a lb. vs WW which goes for $1 or less. Straight Lino' is too hard for my steel reactive shooting matches.But with the added concern of zinc, what's a fella to do?

Much obliged,

Max It

Arch in Maylene
May 9, 2010, 01:02 PM
Leave a 5 gallon barrel at each tire shop and offer to pay $8 per gallon. A full barrel will weigh almost 200 lbs, so take another container so you can handle it more easily. I figure about 20% waste. It’s dirty work .

I keep a pair of wire cutters handy when I do the “dirty pot” thing. If I doubt a wheel weight is lead, bite into it with the cutter. Lead will dent. Aluminum, zinc & steel will not.

Another method of detecting non-lead is to drop the questioned weight on the concrete floor. Lead weights will go “thunk”, others will “ping.”

The last method is to start melting known lead weights. Scoop out the clips and add new weights into the molten lead one at a time. As you add new weights, lead will melt very quickly. If one doesn’t melt, scoop it out. It may be zinc.

You’ll save a bundle of money on bullets. Clean pot lead alloy costs me about 25¢/lb. I can cast 30 230 grain 45 ACP per pound - less than a penny per slug.