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April 26, 2010, 03:53 PM
I'm a complete novice when it comes to guns and this may be a stupid question but here goes:
I field stripped the gun and the part on the slide where the casings come out on the inside on the rear sight side there is what was a silver circle with a pin coming out. Do I clean all of the silver pieces so that they are sliver again? Is this possible? Right now they're pretty much black.

April 27, 2010, 01:42 AM
Take a nylon brush and some powder solvent like
*Hoppe's No. 9
*Break-free CLP
*Gun Scrubber
Place some solvent on the part and brush it like you were brushing your teeth. The majority of the fouling will come off. Cleaning every part until it is 100% clean is referred to as "White glove" gleaning. It is unnecessary.

Its a glock....clean it a little, lube it, slap it together and go enjoy it : )

This may help...

April 27, 2010, 07:21 AM
Thanks for the advice

April 27, 2010, 05:23 PM
LOL funny as hell, couldn't help it :-)

May 2, 2010, 05:08 PM
One point to note.. when cleaning the slide after a field strip, many people like to place it in a downward position while scrubbing the "bolt face," where the firing pin is. This helps prevent any tiny brass shavings or carbon slipping into the firing pin mechanism by gravity.

There's also a small hole on the bottom of the slide, try not to get any schmutz in there either.

Read your manual about lube for the Glock, doesn't take much and just put it in the right places. You don't have to oil it down like most other weapons. Some good YouTube videos about it as well. Personally I like Gun Butter.

May 9, 2010, 12:36 PM
The glock is cleaner than the bathtub he's washing it in.