View Full Version : If you're thinking about the ATI replacement stock for your Hi-Point carbine -

April 26, 2010, 08:25 AM
I saw an enlightening review on the Midway site, it made me think twice.

Product looks and feels very nice but beware if you have the newer version of the Hi-Point. The description says no modifications but that must be for older models. I had to use a Dremel tool to cut out a groove in one of the support bridges so the barrel would just fit in the stock. I also had to cut grooves for screws that were back by the grip. After a lot of modifications I got the stock to fit okay but I still get some misfeeds because the magazine sits a little low. So if you have a new style Hi-point you might want to wait for a version that states it fits the newer gun.

I am extremely impressed by the Hi-Point 995TSFG (new target stock model), I had zero misfeeds in 250 rounds at the range yesterday with both factory ammo and reloads, but also like the looks of the ATI replacement stock. I think I'll stick with what I have until getting more clarification on the ATI stock fit.