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April 25, 2010, 09:32 PM
after jumping through all the hoops to get a firearms licence here (Australia) my licence finally came through after 4 very long and annoying months.

so off to the gun shop i went to buy my first rifle. ended up buying a very nice CZ 452 American for $550 Aus new (round $510 US i think). awsum as deal by our standards.

My dad bought me a Leupold Vx-1 3-9 40 to put on it. which as i found out does not have an ajustible objective on it. I didnt really know what an AO scope was at the time, so didint give it much thought till i read an artical about the problems with paralax on rimfire rifles.:eek:

Bottom line is this scope going to be a problem for this rifle:confused:? I plan on using it for varmit hunting and plinking at my local pistol range. are my Point of impact and point of aim going to be massivly diffrent?


(currently 14 days into my 28 day waiting period to pick it up, yet to shoot it)

Sorry for the Rambling and thanks for your help:)

April 26, 2010, 02:04 AM
Hey, Grats on getting a license in Aus, took me about 4 months aswell but was worth it in the end.

You probably wont have that much of a problem with parallax unless your trying to shoot tiny groups at less then 50 meters. You can actually send your scope to leupold and get the parallax set for what ever range you want for a small fee. If you dont really notice it though i wouldn't worry.

Good luck with the rifle, I have a 452 varmint that is very accurate.

April 26, 2010, 02:50 AM
plan to zero it for 50m so i hope it all works out.

Cant wait to pick it up.... Tad annoying as its sitting in the shop with the scope mounted, and is pretty much ready to rock. but i need yet another piece of paper lol

k in AR
April 27, 2010, 07:06 PM
Actually I don't like "rimfire scopes", so I use VXIIs and VXIII's on all my rimfires. (BTW the "new" VXI is about the same as the old VXII) And only one of the scopes I use have AO adjustment. I hunt with some and target shoot with others, still parallax is never a problem. Of course Parallax has to do with eye position to the optics, not the scope itself. So when a MFG says 150 yard parallax zero they mean that you can move your head around and the cross hairs still stay on target in relation to the actual point of aim. At other ranges there is a little shift, but even that is usually measured in tenths of an inch. Good rifle scope / eye alignment will eliminate almost all parallax issues. (I.e. practice and knowing your gun is the key every time.)

Now if you have an issue with Parallax due to your personal shooting preference then you have a couple of options, first ( already stated by N00b-Shooter) Leupold will change the parallax setting for your scope, or second you can spend a fair amount more on your scope & get an AO adjustable scope. One note about option 2 is that the AO adjustment on scopes tend to not be very precise at close ranges, so "IMHO" the option of mounting your rifle correctly (** PRACTICE your eye to sight alignment until it is automatic...) this is the best option! But sending it in to be reset to a shorter parallax could also help if you are almost always shooting at a set distance. k