View Full Version : Magpul PRS stock

April 19, 2010, 11:29 AM
Looking at getting one to upgrade my A2 OEM stock and was wanting someone who might own one or has seen them in person to lend me there experience, particularly in Magpuls color labels. I want to go with a desert sand / black color scheme. Tan stock,grip, handguard and mag with black reciever barel. Shoping around I see even on magpuls website that they have FDE (faded dark earth) as the color label, however it looks like a light sandy tan in the picture. It seems to me they use to have a dark brown color, also and I don't want to assume the picture is not the actual color. Has anyone seem them in person and can verify what color Mapuls FDE really is? Tan or Brown? I also want to get a Falcon Ind. Ergo Tactical grip and they list it as dark earth, I am hoping these are matching colors. Thanks!