View Full Version : Comparing Mini-14 Gas Bushings

April 11, 2010, 02:36 PM
Well, when I was trying to decide on whether or not to get an Accuracy Systems bushing kit I couldn't find a good side by side comparison of bushings. Since I finally got my 184 Series Factory Folder apart, apparently it was put together with an impact wrench, I figured I would put together a visual comparison of the bushings for other Mini-owners.


Just looking at the 580 bushing makes me think, "Um, Ruger. Reliability is good but I think you're going a little overboard here." Is it that big so it will cycle that underpowered Wolf stuff?

The picture on the Accuracy Systems website seems to be wrong. The far left bushing looks like a factory bushing and the other two in the pic on their site look like someone got drunk with a drill press and a pair of pliers compared to what their current production bushings actually look like.


They should really update the pic because the one above that they have now almost made me go elsewhere because of the shoddy look of the bushings. What was actually delivered is what you see in the first pic. Top notch construction, far better than what you see on their site.

It's rather perplexing. It's one thing to advertise quality work and deliver shoddy work. It's another to advertise shoddy work and deliver quality work. The Accuracy Systems bushings are high quality, but you couldn't tell that from what they show you on their website.

I made that picture with 20 minutes of work with the camera and 30 minutes of work on the computer and another 15 minutes writing this thread so it's not like this is something that would be hard for them to correct.

Hope people find this useful.