View Full Version : Off to the Smith...

April 10, 2010, 10:46 PM
Well - my baby's in the shop now. On the to - do list are a new bolt handle, refinish said handle, adjust trigger pull weight to 3.5lbs or approx and some modifications to the front end anschutz-style rail assembly to allow more stable installation of a bipod.

The trigger adjustment is something I have done on any firearm I'm going to shoot more than a little. Most of the arms I've run across so far can handle this trigger weight with complete safety and reliability WITH professional installation / modification (see a professional smith or your manufacturer for application on your firearm). I just don't like having to gorilla - grip a trigger to get the gun to work.

The bolt handle modification I want done because the short Rem 700 stock bolt handle, FOR ME puts my thumb right into the scope and just isn't to my liking. More leverage, further out of the way all just seem to work better. The smith let me try a similar arm with the same mod - I liked it.

The last change to the fore end is to allow me to attach a bipod. The Ultimate Sniper comes with a swivel mount adapter for the anschutz-style rail, but I decided I wanted to change it up a bit.

I'll post pics when complete - but I figure it'll be a while before I get it back :) no problem as I'm not in a hurry and I trust the smith will do a great job.