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Todd Porter
April 6, 2010, 07:21 PM
Hello to all,
I just put on layaway a used Glenfield model 30 in 30-30. It was very reasonably priced, hence the reason I bought it, and is in very good condition.I need to pick a few brains with a few questions:

I know this is a Marlin rifle, where can I get it age checked? I am assuming that ALL gun manufacturers started putting the "WARNING" thing on their gun barrels in 1973 or so. This gun does not have one so I'm guessing it's older than that.

The gun has a 20 inch barrel, very clean rifling but looks like a fairly fast twist. Anyone know what the twist would be?like one in 14 maybe?

What ammo might work best, given the barrel length and twist?I'd prefer to use lighter loads, I do intend to hunt deer with it but don't see a need for anything heavier than 150-160 grs.( most shots 100 yds. or under)I also don't want to blow good money on cheap ammo, and I may start reloading again so case quality would be an issue.

Finally, does anyone other than weaver make a base for this gun? Weaver's are ok, just don't like the aesthetics, or lack of. Prefer something "cleaner" looking. Fairly cheap.

All responses will be appreciated, thanks.

April 8, 2010, 07:38 PM
For a date made, you can try the data base here:


I think you can also call Marlin.

To measure the rifling twist, just run a cleaning rod and patch into the bore and measure how many inches it takes to make one turn.

There's a fairly wide selection of ammo out there, but I don't see any need for bullets heavier then 150 grains for deer hunting.

There are several bases for the Marlin rifles. Brownell's carry most of them:




April 13, 2010, 01:38 PM
We got 3 bullets to touch with handloads of IMR 4064 and the Hornady 160gr FTX at 100 yards. Biggest issue with the 336W was cheap rings it came with.