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March 26, 2010, 12:20 PM
Over the years I've picked up a few bubba job small ring mauser rifles. I have a nice action that has had the charging hump removed, d&t, and the trigger guard has been profiled. It will need a new bolt handle, and I'm thinking of going with a slicked off shroud and a Bold trigger with side safety as this is the cheapest option. I'd love to do a two position Win/Ruger style safety though. This action is going to be the basis for my build.

I was thinking of something like a Ruger compact with a laminated stock and titaninum or matte black finish like Duracoat or something. I'm thinking a FWT contour barrel cut down to 18-22" I envison this rifle topped off with a Leupold 2-7 or 3-9 compact scope as well in Redfield style bases and rings.

I was seriously thinking .250-3000 Savage on this build as I'd love to have a rifle in this caliber but the action is a little long for this cartridge IMO. The .257 Bob came to mind as well but I already own a .25-06. I've been looking as well at the 7.62X39 barrel kits that they sell on Numrich.

However in some of the trades I've done recently I picked up some .300 Savage dies and 100+ pieces of brass. I started to study the cartridge and it seems like a good canidate. I do like the design of the cartridge and while it is short necked I've never found any thing saying that it can't be an accurate rifle.

My question I guess is, what do you think of my build plans? Can the 93 action handle the .300 Savage safely, I'm not going to be pushing the limits of the action? Should I throat the barrel to stay around 150/165 grains or should I go up to 180 grains which is spec? I'll be using it on mainly deer and pronghorn and maybe run some 110grain VMax- 125 grain Nosler BT's for varmints.

March 26, 2010, 04:04 PM
SAAMI pressure for the 300 Savage is 47,000 psi, CIP pressure standard is 53,000 psi, both are well within the safe range of a 1893 Mauser action (FYI, 7X57 SAAMI standard is 51,000 psi, CIP is 57,000 psi). I think your project would be very interesting, very definitely doable. 300 Savage is a very well-respected cartridge with good ballistics (claimed to duplicate the velocity of 150 gr 30-06 ammo when it was introduced, about 2,700 fps), and brass is generally available. I would say it's a go! I am currently restocking a 1895 Mauser 7X57 with a #2 contour barrel, recontoured trigger guard, shroud safety, and new trigger. It should be very nice once it is finished.

I am not sure if the shroud for a 1894/96 Mauser fits the 1893 (I believe it does). If so, Sunny Hill makes slick-side shrouds for the 1896 Mauser and Timney or Bold make the trigger with side safety. If not, Dayton-Traister makes a complete kit for the 1893 with trigger, safety lever, and parts to convert to cock-on-open.

Other chamberings to consider would be 7X57 (of course), 6mm Lee Navy (would require bolt face and extractor work), 6X57 Mauser, 242 Nitro Express (Rimless), 250-3000, 257 Roberts, 256 Newton (actually a 6.5mm), 9X57 (use a .358" barrel instead of the original 356"), 9.3X57, 9.5X57 (aka .375 Nitro Express 2-1/4"), 405 Winchester, 10.15X57, 444 Marlin, 450 Marlin, the choices are virtually endless, limited only by the magazine length of the 1893 Mauser.

7.62X39 would be interesting and fun. Cheap to shoot, but very limiting as far as a hunting round.