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March 25, 2010, 03:30 PM
hello all, Im new here and needed help with a few things.
First i am a long range bolt guy but have always wanted to compete with a hand gun. So I guess my first question is about caliber(i know you have heard this all before). My only hand gun is a S&W Sigma in 40cal. I realize this is not a competition pistol. I was thinking about an M&P pro. I assume a 9mm would be a beginners best choice due to recoil and cost of ammo. would you agree? The M&P Pro 40cal should be ready around May so I could wait on it.
What would you say would be the best type of competition for a complete newbie? I am ok with shotguns and rifles so I thought about a three gun competition? Im am a blank slate so im just looking for a direction...

March 25, 2010, 03:38 PM

I recently picked up the M&P45 in Dark Earth and I can do 50 practice rounds (cheapie ammo) for $20. The recoil on the .45 is not bad at all, my wife went out shooting with me this past weekend and had no issues with it either so I'd go with the .45 personally but as far as the general frame, the M&P's for me are second only to my Walthers. If you want to stick with the 9mm's, the M&P 9's are awesome, the glocks and XD's are also great guns, but for me personally (just me) the glocks feel weird and the XD's grip safety aren't for me. I'm hoping the gen 4 glocks fix the feel so I can get one, but we'll see. The M&P's are among the best as far as I'm concerned for the money, and Smith and Wesson's customer service is among the best if not the best in the business. As far as competition, I think I've read a decent amount of people that use the M&P's as well as Glocks and HK's. Type of competition, not really sure but here someone will have a decent start for you as this site has a vast array of experience. Happy hunting and my only recommendation would be to try out numerous different types to find the one that fits you best. Good luck.

March 26, 2010, 12:24 PM
With your Sigma, you could participate in many of the Run & Gun games...IDPA, IPSC, PPC, etc. I think they have classes (i.e. "Production Class" or something) for your stock sidearm.