View Full Version : Need help - casemouth belling on firing

March 20, 2010, 05:50 PM
My new Taurus .327FedMagnum revolver is belling the cases on firing. Serious enough belling so that I need to get a mallet and tap the extractor rod to get the cases out. There is no carbon ring partially down the chamber, but fired cases reinserted do stick about 7/8th of the way in as if that was what was being encountered.

I am looking for answers to two questions:

1) What to do to either stop the casemouth belling or permit "normal" extraction?
2) How come it's doing that?

Guys at my local shop are suggesting I take a .38 mop with lots of cleaner on it, chuck it into a handheld drill, and spin slowly. That would be good if I were shooting .32H&RMag or other, shorted .32 cartridges and getting powder rings, like you get when shooting .38spcl in a .357. But I'm shooting the full-length .327 in a .327 cylinder so that's not the problem - or shouldn't be.

Besides sending it back to Taurus along with a bunch of fired brass to let them look at it, does anyone have any ideas?

stay safe.


James K
March 20, 2010, 11:03 PM
I would think a good cleaning won't hurt, but case expansion like that is usually the result of a bad chamber. Unless you did something to cause that (like clean the chambers with emery cloth), I would assume the problem came from the factory, possibly the result of reamer chatter.

I would return the revolver to your dealer and request a replacement. If the revolver has to go back to the factory (US repair facility), the dealer can return it cheaper than you can. I would try for a replacement from the dealer, because of reports of cases where Taurus guns were either not repaired or took a considerable time for repair,