View Full Version : My mold will not close compleetly

March 18, 2010, 04:21 PM
Ok I have been csting for a few days now. My 2 cavity Lee mold will not close complletly now. I am getting a line in my bullets. It is a raised edge that I can feel when I run my finger around the bullet. When I hold the mold up to light I can see light through it. I have tried cleaning the crap out of the mold blocks. I have re lubed them, if I tap them lightly they will line up and the light shining through is very minimal. Yet I still get the raised line.
Calling customer service of anywhere is very frustrating for me. I am legaly deaf so phone communication is difficult and frustrating. Emails usualy get some automated response that is not the info I wanted, nor needed.
I appreciate your responses and suggestions.

March 18, 2010, 04:37 PM
I had this happen to me and what I found was a very tiny bit of lead in the groove where the alignment pin meets the opposite mold block. If you are 100% sure there is NO obstructions keeping the blocks apart, check the hinge bolt on the handle for tightness and alignment. Maybe it came loose?

March 18, 2010, 08:09 PM
On the cast boolits web site someone can answer your question and almost any other you can think of. I use only Lee molds but have had no problems.

March 18, 2010, 09:04 PM
look and see if the steel bushings that the centering pins fit into have not backed out just a bit.


March 19, 2010, 07:52 PM
Thanks for the info. I will try the suggestions and let all know how it turns out.

March 19, 2010, 08:36 PM
I used lee 2 holers for a long time & I found if ya don`t keep the grooves & pins lubed with something they get sticky when hot & may transfer metal .

I still use the 2 holers & have learned to handle em so they`ll have a long productive life . I used to use mobil 1 synthetic oil to lube the pins now I use Bull Plate Lube I purchased from a vendor on CastBoolits.Gunloads.com it`ll last a long time even at 750f , second I never close the mold unless it`s on a flat surface so the pins & grooves don`t have to "hunt" a cradled position!

If you find no obstruction on the mold then it`s gotta be the pins have moved some aluminum around or some has galled .

I hope this helps even if a little!:cool:

March 23, 2010, 05:23 PM
I have relubed everthing with Mobil 1. I have tightened up the bolts a bit. It seems to hve helped a lot. Now there is only a small line on the nose of the bullets. It seems to have no effect on accuracy, and there was no lead in the barrel, or chambers of my Blackhawk. I think I can live with it. Thanks for the help.
Now all I need is another pound of Titegroup, and some more primers.:D

March 27, 2010, 07:01 PM
Problem solved. I broke out some supergrit buffing compound with some breakfree. Then cleaned the crap out of it again. I lubed it up with some Lucas oil stabilzer. (Used to make your engine stop burning oil.) Mobil 1 got a bit smoky when the mold was at a good temp. The Lucas does not smoke. I used a punch and tapped all of the pins ligthly to assure they were all in fully.
Results are in. I still get a verry tiny fine line on the nose of the bullet, it is visable, but can not be felt by my finger, so I can live with it. I have shot Laser Cast that had worse nose lines with out any leading problems.
Well I shot 200 rounds of my 210 grain SWCs with various loads from exteemly mild Trail Boss loads. To some real hot 1300 fps scortchers loaded with Alliant 2400. There is not a bit of lead anywhere on my Blackhawk. :D
Thanks for the help everyone.