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March 14, 2010, 12:52 PM
Hi, I am looking to buy a .22 Competition Silhouette Rifle (buy or possible trade). I am not interested in a sporter rifle.

I currently am using my Walther position match rifle as I had a fiberglass stock made for it so i can meet the 10lb 2oz weight limit with barel and scope. It is a perfect silhouette rifle, but my son will be going with me to compete this year so i need to pick up a rifle for him and I'm looking for something of the same grade/quality as the Walther I have set up.

Thanks! cal

March 14, 2010, 04:27 PM
I would look for an Anschutz 54MS or MSR (repeater). Another possibility would be to have a "super hunter" built. Hunter rifle silhouette is popular and differs from "heavy rifle" only in maximum weight, 9 lbs, and the requirement that the trigger pull must be 2 lbs. Most matches shoot both so one gets to shoot twice for one trip. Most people bring two guns to the matches around here although some use the hunter rifle in both matches. Others have gone the "super hunter" route and have had guns built, usually using Anschutz 54 or 1700 series actions and heavier profile (than a standard hunter) premium barrels to bring the weight up to the 9 lb limit with fiberglass stocks and scope with mounts. They usually use 2 stage triggers with most of the 2 lb weight taken up in the first stage and only a few ounces required for the final let off. This provides a superior hunter rifle with only a slight disadvantage as a heavy rifle. A significant number of shooters find that more trigger time with one good rifle produces higher scores than switching back an fourth between two different rifles with different triggers, different handling characteristics, and different sets of sight adjustments.


March 14, 2010, 05:50 PM
I suspect you can find something that your son would like here. These folks are in the Nashville TN area and you can visit their facility even though they are not set up for retail sales to the public. http://www.champchoice.com/

You can find some of the old Remingtons if you watch the auctions or just luck into one. Just depends on the quality you are expecting. I have a Remington 513-T which is okay for silhouette but probably not quite good enough for benchrest competition these days.

March 17, 2010, 04:24 PM
Somewhat depends on your son's size and strength. You also don't mention any details about teh rifle your shooting so it's hard to recommend a "like" set-up. That said. A scoped 1903 Junior on the 64 action is plenty for silhouette and is a little downsized.
FWIW, many at our match's have been drawn to the Marlin 2000L's with biathlon kit. ( I bring one that is so popular that I never get to shoot it!) These rifles will shoot at 1 moa with good ammo and have adjustable target stocks. Triggers can be brought down to a crisp 2# with no problems. Scope it with good glass and it makes a very good entry level rifle that won't break teh bank. You can find them used for $325 or so on gunbroker.