View Full Version : Getting Safety Checked This Weekend...what to Expect??

March 9, 2010, 03:11 PM
So I am going to get my safety check done for IPSC and Concealed Carry anyone at their clubs run those. I am just trying to get a feel of what to expect. In addition is there anything I should be working on now.

Also last thing- For the two classes I will be shooting my XDM 9mm for IPSC and have the holster and mag holders that come with it and three mags and in the concealed carry I will be shooting my glock 19 a galco IWB holster and 3 mags. Do i need anything else.... not want need!

Bongo Boy
March 17, 2010, 01:51 AM
I'm not quite sure exactly what it is you're doing. Sounds like a safety briefing for your first IPSC shoot, but not sure what the connection is to CCW.

Local requirements for CCW permit application apparently vary widely from county to county and state to state. For example, here, a course is required that's conducted by a certified NRA instructor. There doesn't seem to be much interest in what the course contains...at least course content has NEVER been mentioned to me...but they sure are fussy about who conducts the course.

Also, I'm sure every USPSA club conducts their safety checkout differently. Here, the IDPA guys do a stand-up saftey session for about 30-40 min, but no one is 'checked out'. The local USPSA club does a 20 min chat, but then has each new shooter draw from the holster (to demonstrate finger off the trigger, muzzle downrange, etc), then draw from the holster and shoot, then draw, shoot, unload & show clear, and recover.

Are you doing two different things?

In any case, memorize and understand the Four Rules of Gun Safety, establish the habit of picking up or drawing the weapon while keeping that dern trigger finger outside the trigger guard, and check the weapon for empty. If you do these everytime, your world of shooting opens up greatly--everyone looks for and notices where everyone elses trigger finger is, and if it's not alongside the frame, outside the trigger guard, everyone immediately knows you don't know what you're doing, haven't had any training, and are potentially dangerous. It's just that fast and simple.

March 19, 2010, 06:39 AM
IPSC used to require a safety check, which included jumping up and down to be sure the gun did not fall out of its holster. The check requirement was removed, but some clubs may still do it. Also, some clubs may require a quick class, but this is not standard. And as was said, every match I have been to has a short safety briefing for newcomers.


March 19, 2010, 11:50 AM
You should expect to have to demonstrate safe gunhandling. That's really what the safety check is all about. Keep your off hand out of the way when drawing and reholstering. Keep your finger off the trigger when not actually engaging targets. The muzzle should remain pointed downrange and at the berm at all times (don't point the muzzle near your feet, and don't do a "Sabrina" and point the muzzle straight up). Shoot no faster than you can put two A-zone hits on the target. Do all that, and you'll pass with flying colors. I've conducted safety checks that lasted ten minutes, and some that lasted two hours; it depends on the shooter.
This weekend, two buddies and I are conducting the second half of our "IPSC 101" class. The first day is a discussion of rules and techniques, dry-fire and live-fire drills, and shooting two simple stages. Sunday, we'll coach the newbies through their first match. I was introduced to practical pistol competition in the same manner, and I think it's a real benefit to those who want to get into the game.