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March 4, 2010, 04:21 PM
I was reading the Columbus Ledger-Inquirer and came across this story.I have been in that part of town many times and they are right it is a very high crime place to be.I'll start buy saying he did 3 things wrong.

1/He didn't have a gun on him but had to reach under the seat for it.
2/why would you be sitting in a place like that with your windows down and not be aware of your surroundings.
3/he wasn't aware of what or who got shot( could have caused a lot of damage and a long jail sentence.)

Other than that he did what should have been done and did come out on top.

Man who shot at attackers ‘happy to be here’
Police searching for suspects in attempted robbery on Victory Drive
By BEN WRIGHT - [email protected]

A man who was attacked outside the 30th Avenue Package Store Monday night said he was fighting for his life before firing at least five shots at two men.

“I’m happy to be here,” Daniel Kaplan said Wednesday, two days after the shooting outside 3001 Victory Drive in Columbus.

Kaplan, 47, said he was parked in front of the business in a 2005 Mercedes watching the family owned store before two men rushed up to the open driver’s side window and one punched him three times in the face. The man then held a gun within an inch of his face. “At no time, did I exchange words with him,” he said.

Using his left hand to grab the gun, Kaplan said he held the gun on the side as the gunman tried to yank the weapon away from him. Kaplan said he was able to kick open the door which struck the gun or the gunman’s hand.

“It gave me enough time to reach under the car seat,” he said. “I had a pistol armed and ready to go.”

As Kaplan came up with a loaded .45-caliber, 11-shot semi-automatic Glock pistol, the gunman dropped down near the door. “I got five shots off as quickly as I could,” Kaplan said. “I was fighting for my life.”

After he stopped shooting, he saw people running in the parking lot. Kaplan thought he had missed with the shots until the next day when police said they found a blood trail.

“I don’t think I got the guy who pointed the gun at me,” he said. “I think I hit the one with him.”

Columbus police had a lead Tuesday night, when they learned a man with a gunshot wound was at The Medical Center.

“He went to The Medical Center up here claiming he was shot in the leg in Russell County,” said Sgt. Matt Blackstock. “If anybody got hit, it was just one.”

Police soon discovered, however, that Tuesday’s gunshot victim wasn’t related to Monday’s attempted robbery, the sergeant said.

There have been no arrests in the case.

According to data from the police department, the attack occurred in an area with one of the highest crime rates in Columbus. In 2009, five armed robberies were reported at the store address, as were four thefts, one involving property worth more than $500.

Looking back on the attack, Kaplan said he realized he wasn’t going down without a fight, although the outcome was uncertain in the beginning. “I was never sure I had what it takes,” Kaplan said.

Citing a good relationship with residents in the community, Kaplan said he doubts the attackers were from the neighborhood.

“I love the neighborhood,” he said. “After it was done, they were happy to see the bad guy got shot.”

Anyone with information about the shooting should contact police at 706-653-3400.