View Full Version : Cmmg f ar-15 front sight allen screws/ for ar build?

March 3, 2010, 12:06 AM
I just started building an AR-15, for a home defense type gun, general range gun. I have several now and this is a project that I started some time ago, it is warming up and wanted to get back at it.

The Barrel and the Stock is where I have started will post pics as this gets going looking for comments and yes criticism, want to make the best gun I can.

The Stock is different, after seeing a photo of one it looked sharp and is short and quick. I have a Thumbhole Stock, the Barrel is a 20” H-BAR 1-7 twist from a Colt, threaded the front sight removed. I also have all the tools needed for this project.

I started and have painted them both with flat black engine block paint, as suggested from my book and reading on the net. They are drying near the furnace and will give those 5 days before fooling around with them. I plan on using the standard military but plate.

The other parts are soaking to get last attempts paint off, have the lower and new springs. I have a basic knowledge of the AR; have done minor work like drop in triggers.

My question is the front sight found the CMMG F with the four Allen screws that will hold it in place; the screws go where the pins would. I want a standard sight have an A-2 upper and wanted to know if anyone has used this sight or know about how they hold up with the Allen screws. I have not ordered them looking for any comments. If anyone knows of another sight looking for some ideas, the standard sight it seems they need to be fitted a drilled by a gunsmith. The other would be for twice the money a bolt on with the flip up sight, that might be what I will do.