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kelly mt
March 2, 2010, 01:53 AM
I shoot indoor 50' 4 position postal matches in the winter and all of the older shooters are having trouble with blured vision through our 24x scope. We're usually OK at offhand but in kneeling sitting and prone the rings start to blur, and we see double rings. We have used different scopes and a parallax compensating lens. The club ownes one really good rifle that we all shoot. Is this just old eyes or is there a cure? Thanks for any help, PK.

T. O'Heir
March 4, 2010, 07:49 PM
24X is too much magnification at 50 feet. That's only 16 yards. However, more/better light might help.
"...one really good rifle that we all shoot..." One rifle for multiple shooters isn't good. Any rifle has to be sighted in by and for each shooter.

March 5, 2010, 01:37 PM
It comes with age .....( at least with my eyes too )...

A good opthamologist may be able to help ...depends on what is causing the blurring ... A pair of shooting glasses / made to the right focul length may help ( call DeCot HyWyd ) for some input. Shooting indoors, I use a light gold / light yellow lens in my shooting glasses ... from DeCot and its made a huge difference for me.

For most of us the blurred vision comes and goes / muscles are getting old in our eyes ....so its hard to correct 100%.


March 6, 2010, 07:59 AM
So....OK at offhand but in kneeling sitting and prone the rings start to blurMakes me think it is a position thing and you might work on getting into position differently. And, as was said, having different rifles for different shooters so the rifle can be set for each shooter.

I cannot imagine holding a rifle steady enough for a 24x scope without a bench or bipod.


ETA: the eyepiece sometimes needs finetuning for focus and that varies by shooter. This does not explain "double rings".

kelly mt
March 7, 2010, 07:06 PM
I know what you mean about having your own rifle, it's just so expensive to own such a high quality gun most of us hicks can't afford one. As far as the 24x scope I'd really like to have a higher power one. The bull ring is the diameter of a .22 cal. bullet. We shoot 10 rounds per position each shot at a different target. 10 per sheet. It's a fun way to while away a snowy winter evening. The offhand is always a challenge.

March 8, 2010, 06:27 PM
Sounds like you are shooting the A-17 target. If you really want to be humbled try the A36 international target. The ten ring is .008" diameter. 24x would be good for that.
Something to consider is that each shooter's eyesight is different. Effectively each shooter should focus the scope for their particular correction.
Using one adjustment for everyone may be part of the problem. Also at higher power the scope has a limited depth of field. Being a foot or so forward or back of the line can place the bull near the edge of focus. I have experienced the double rings mentioned. For me the rings appeared elongated. My problem was based on latice degeneration. Floaters. I think your situation is one of not enough time to set the scope for each shooter.