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February 15, 2010, 10:39 AM
Hi all,

Since y'all been so helpful to me I thought I would share my recent experience with Springfield Armory. I bought a new M1A Scout last year and was having problems scoping it:


I then switched to an Arms #18 mount and was having the same problem. While they never really came out and said it, my sense is that the groove in the receiver was in fact not aligned closely enough with the action/barrel to allow the proper alignment of at least some after market scope mounts (Arms, Bassett). Initially their suggestion was for me to use one of their mounts which apparently offered the necessary amount of travel to zero a scope. My feeling was that for the amount of money that we spend on these guns I shouldn't be limited to the one mount that corrects for production tolerance issues. After a little pushback on my part they agreed to send me a new rifle. I got it last week and had it on the range this weekend. I was pleased to discover that the rifle shot well and I was able to zero the scope with no problems.

Overall these are my impressions of Springfield's service:

Very happy with the eventual outcome
Springfield took the time to actually test the rifle before sending it out to me

It took a long time (5 months) and cust. service wasn't very proactive
I felt like I had to 'manage the process' pretty agressively

All in all, I'm pleased with the outcome and would do business with Springfield again. The experience reaffirmed my belief that you usually have to be a strong advocate for yourself and not just take 'no' for an answer.


February 15, 2010, 11:06 PM
The only mistake I see that you made in this deal was buying an ARMS part. I have thought about sending back my m1a because I had to move the front sight all the way to the left and almost hanging off to get it to zero. I just cant bring myself to do it because once it zeroed it was very very accurate for a non bedded rifle.